Ariva - one spark and it explodes!

Ariva - one spark and it explodes!

By IdentidadeCrypto | IDnCrypto | 15 Jan 2022

Most people already know ariva, but for those who don't know about this project, they are an international travel platform with cryptocurrency integration. Yes, global cryptocurrency tourism! Its price has dropped a lot, but that doesn't invalidate the power of the project.


What sparks could make Ariva explode?


1- Partnerships: As it is a unique project, a partnership with ariva can raise its price a lot.

2- Constant burns.

3- Your roadmap for 2022

In the latter, I would like to outline the roadmap in the first quarter of 2022, he comments:

"Business development
High-end exchange quotes
Launch the alpha version of Ariva.World and mobile app
Creation of the ARIVA blockchain
Launch the beta version of Ariva.Finance for developers"


Your trading houses


This is not an investment tip, but take a closer look at this project, and if you find it viable to be a hold, remember: 'hold', because at any moment it can explode with any spark, and from hold you reach lots of profits.


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