02 exchange tokens that can make you full of money!

02 exchange tokens that can make you full of money!

By IdentidadeCrypto | IDnCrypto | 12 Jan 2022

We talked here in the previous post of a network that could be so powerful as to have its currency equal to BNB nowadays. But, now I'm referring to 2 tokens that can also be equal to BNB, starting from 1$ to more than $300 in the future.

What are these exchange and their tokens?

1- Exchange MEXC that proved to be a great broker, and little by little it has been rising in the ranks of the best exchanger (rank 29), along with its token (rank #294).


Today its cost is approximately $2 at the time of writing, but tomorrow it can become much more expensive and you will be satisfied if you save a good amount.

Register at MECX


Where to buy MX?



2- Exchange Crypto.com which is also in great rank and has been proving strong every day. His rank is currently #12, and his token also keeps pace with his strong pace.


Today it costs just under $1, and if you also save some of it today, you may become satisfied with the value it can provide you up front. Rank#17

Register at Crypto.com



Where to buy CRO?


Remembering, this is not an investment tip, but you should take all this information into account!

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