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It is a bit of a busy week for CEX Launchpads this week! Last week was a CoinList two round crowdsale of Guild of Guardians (GOG), a Kucoin Burning Drop, and then a Binance Launchpad of the fan token PORTO... plus three concurrent Binance Launchpools! Plus the regular airdrops claims for voting that come from MXC and

It is enough to start making your head spin... and I have a dedicated calender for crypto events like this so that I just plug in the annoucement of the start times for the subscriptions/events and also the opening times market listings so that I can take a quick profit (either partial to recover initial investment or a complete dump if I'm not interested).

These events have proven to be quite worthwhile... and if I'm free at the time, I will just quickly take the ten minutes to take part and earn a nice bonus!

Anyway, next on the list this week is the MXC Launchpad of Genopets (GENE). Genopets is another in the list of Play to Earn games that are starting to flood the cryptosphere, but this is the first (?) to launch on Solana (apologies, I just remembered that there was Star Atlas or something like that?).

Now keep in mind, Solana has some pretty hefty VC backing.. so some good and bad in that. Most of the other huge Play-to-Earn games have been on Ethereum or the associated Layer 2s (like Immutable X). I'm not really interested in the actual game of Genopets... I like my single player games, and I hate the grind and endless loops of competitive multiplayers... and I'm still not convinced that having a real economic elements makes that more fun! When I play a computer game, I'm pretty old fashioned... I like story, sound, character, presentation... that sort of thing. I don't want to feel like I'm grinding to earn tokens.

Still.. when it comes to money stuff, I'm agnostic. If people are happy playing these things then I'm happy to invest in the tokens to see if they take off or not! Given that AAA type games like Gods Unchained, Illuvium and Guild of Guardians have been pretty big (even without working products in some cases), it is prudent to keep an eye out on another relatively big launch.




Anyway, the MXC Launchpads are based on a lottery system. This is what Binance used to do before they moved to a subscription based system. Of course, with a lottery based system, you either win a full purchase slot... or nothing. With the subscription, you at least get something... but the bigger your holding of exchange tokens, the bigger your allocation. Different... I prefer the guaranteed allocation.

Anyway, the starting price for the first ticket tier is 100 MX. That is on the order of 250 USD, and MXC takes HIVE/STEEM deposits so you can slowly grind yourself up to a ticket tier if you want to do it like that!




Oddly enough, the subscription window is just a single hour... the Binance windows are about three hours. One hour is good and bad... bad in that you have a short window to remember (hence the diary...), and good in that hopefully everyone else forgets and misses the subscription window!

I also keep forgetting which exchanges use GMT (UTC) time and which one doesn't... most of them do, but some of them try to "help" by localising the time to your location. Which suprisingly enough is NOT helpful... especially if they don't really give a time-zone on their times. Thankfully, on the official announcement, the times are actually in UTC times, which makes my life easier for trying to figure out when the actual sale and subscription takes place!




I have to keep remembering that the this is a sale that will take the MX equivalent of the lottery purchase allocation (~200 USDT), which works out to be about 80 MX. Unlike the Binance Launchpad, the allocation isn't locked up and frozen for the duration of the sale. So, it is your own responsibility to keep that amount free and unallocated in the spot wallet.... and given that there are a number of places to use and lock the MX to collect distributions, well... it is something that I will need to remember for the morning, in case I happen to win the purchase lottery.

So, how likely is a purchase spot? Well, there are 1000 tickets for a purchase spot... and when the subscription closed, there were 11000 or so tickets claimed. So, each ticket has a chance of slightly under 10% of winning a purchase spot. Decent odds.... of course, it would be nice to have a purchase spot... but if I miss, there will be more in the future!

Plus... I now have to prepare the Huobi Primelist!


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