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So, for better or worse, the rules for participating in the discounted (usually 50% off) Syndicate events on the Exchange has changed in the past month or so. Now, in addition to a minimum of 5000 staked CRO (on the exchange and not the VISA card) you are required to have a minimum of 500 USD monthly trading volume as well to meet the minimum tier of participation in the discount events. Of course, higher CRO staking and higher trade volumes on the exchange mean that you can set larger sums of CRO against the discounted cryptocurrencies.

The Syndicate events happen roughly 4 or 5 times per month, and so it is worth it if you have the chance to take part to pick up some cheap/free crypto (of which you can sell half immediately to recover the initial outlay for the participation). So, the CRO staking is not really too problematic, you just need to pick up enough CRO on either the exchange or a secondary exchange like Kucoin or Bittrex. Due to the congestion on the Ethereum blockchain (and the corresponding high fees, which affect exchange withdrawal fees), I've generally used XRP as a quick transfer medium to get to exchange to immediately sell and purchase CRO. Alternatively, you can also use the VISA card which gives cashback on purchases in the form of CRO.




How you achieve the minimum monthly trading volume is really a matter of risk perception, especially if you are dripping it over a month rather than in one giant transfer. If you are particularly fond of risk, then it is best to try your hand at trading listed cryptocurrencies against BTC or CRO or USDT. The benefits of this is the fact that you stand to make decent profits whilst chasing the trading volume target... however, the disadvantage is that you also stand to make equivalent losses if the market turns against you!




Personally, in this particular venture, I'm risk-averse. This is due to the fact that the Exchange is not my primary place for doing trades and so I try to have as little on this exchange as possible. In fact, a good deal of my crypto on here is in stablecoins earning interest as they are sitting around waiting to top-up the VISA debit card... so, they are balances that are not supposed to be "at-risk" or written off!

This means that I do trades between stablecoins, USDC and USDT (Tether) in particular, as they are both supposed to be pegged to 1 USD via redemption against "real" USD... and thus, they should not deviate from this peg by more than a fraction of percentage points. In fact, most of the time, they stick within a 0.02% range of each other....




You can see from the above order book that the exchange rate is bracketed by some fairly large limit orders. However, the danger is that the volume is relatively small (maxing out at a few million USD on a good day...) which means that it is susceptible to slippage if something funny happens!

So, the tactic here is to just swing trade between the daily swings of exchange price, enough to cover as much of the trading fee as possible (staked CRO reduces the fee via rebates). Or just accepting a small loss as the price for Syndicate participation!




So, pictured here is an example of a bit of a price slippage... I can't quite track down the reason, but someone either fat-fingered an order or misjudge the depth of volume in a trading pair. What that long red candle means is that the exchange rate between two nominal stablecoins (1 USD peg) got about 6% out of whack... which means that it would be easy profit to arbitrage that difference.

I saw the same abnormal spike on a few other trading pairs on the exchange and so I think it wasn't the USDC/USDT pairing that was the problem and root cause... however, I could be mistaken.




However, due to the low trading volumes... it has taken an abnormally long time for the imbalance to fix itself... you can see that on the buy side, the order book is completely wiped out between 0.99 and 0.935 cents! So, the holes were not filled at all!

Still, it is an easy and relatively risk free way to work up the trading volume... in my case, I didn't bother with the stablecoin pair after this abnormal event as I had more than enough trading volume required to move fully into CRO in preparation for the COMP discount event in a couple of days. As I'm writing, I'm also doubly lucky to have moved to CRO early, as the price of CRO has moved up significantly... meaning that I'm getting that little extra bang for the buck!


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