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The Trend of AI Crypto Projects in 2023

17 Feb 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

There are several trends happening concurrently in the crypto ecosystem. ZkEVM, cross-chain operations, new Rollups and Artificial intelligence. As happened before, the trendy projects are likely to have a serious amount of attention on them. When w...

Stability and "Pumpability" of HBD in Crypto Bull Market

16 Feb 2023 2 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

Hive-backed Dollar, Hive Dollar, or HBD. It is the stablecoin of the Hive ecosystem that is created via HIVE coins. Each HBD keeps a certain amount of HIVE inside to be created in the first place. Though it may sound a bit risky remembering some cata...

The Correlation of Chinese New Year & Crypto Pump

15 Feb 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

Crypto is a unique market that is vulnerable to both negative and positive events. Even though the market has lots of stereotypes for price actions, there are also some stress-tested events that directly or indirectly affect the sentiment.   Many ve...

Rebirth of FTX - Requisite of the Bull Market?

4 Feb 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

The crypto ecosystem loves projects that rebirth from the ashes. As it has always happened, we are looking for the time that LUNA, FTX, and many other formerly popular projects to come back. Why do people carve for it rather than focus on the new and...

Splinterlands Investment Updates in January 2023

30 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

It has been some time since I examined my Splinterlands investments while focusing on the other assets in the portfolio. Actually, I had the feeling that the tokens and Splinterlands assets were close to their local (maybe All-Time) deep levels, and...

SEO is the Best Investment for Hive & Social-Fi

28 Jan 2023 2 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

The year 2023 is full of high expectations for the whole crypto ecosystem but there are some concepts that every crypto investor has an eye on such as zkShark, Decentralized Social Media, Impermanent Loss resistant LPs and Cross-Chain AMM. Among thes...

PMI Index & Gold Price Correlation

25 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

PMI index by Institute for Supply Management provides some data about the health of the economy by examining the operational decisions of managers of hundreds of companies. PMI Index has always become popular when the index swings below and above ex...

The Balance of BUIDLing and Marketing in Crypto

22 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

The expectations of people may make tokens multiply their value in a short time due to a temporary hype that transfers money on exchange from one person to another. Most of the time, early investors and whales take the money of people by dumping on t...

De-Fi on Hive is Promising

21 Jan 2023 2 minute read 2 comments idiosyncratic

Hive ecosystem is expanding and there are tons of new games such as PsyberX, Wrestling Organization Online, and Crypto Shots and micro-blogging / written content platforms like Reverio and Veews adding value to our crypto experience. In my honest op...

crvUSD & Lending-Liqudating AMM (LLAMA) Algorithm

12 Jan 2023 2 minute read 0 comments idiosyncratic

If you fed up with the dilemma of taking too much risk by holding centralized stablecoins like USDC, USDT and BUSD or if you do not want to feel the stress of liquidation for decentralized stablecoins like DAI, then you need something like... LLAMA...