The Importance of Market Listing for Splinterlands (SPS) token

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 19 Aug 2021

Gamefi & Play2Earn concepts are the hottest topics of crypto for a couple of weeks. With the rise of Axie Infinity and growing interest in earning by playing, the blockchain-based games gained their well-deserved popularity in a very short term.

Splinterlands is one of the shining stars of the Play2Earn concept with its enjoyable and profitable gaming mechanism. Each day we are welcoming more than 5000 new users and these new users are also exploring other Play2Earn games on Hive blockchain. So, blockchain-based gaming help crypto enthusiasts explore new products, games, De-Fi and many other blockchain services as they dive deeper.


While Splinterlands is fashinating every one of us, why do not we see the game on the top 5 list of Coinmarketcap while it is one of the best games in DappRadar?


According to DappRadar, Splinterlands is the 5th game with highest number of players and in-game activities. Imagine the whole crypto ecosystem and how successful the game is 🔥

What makes Splinterlands successful?

Initially, it is a way cheap game to start earning crypto while having lots of fun. With the initial investment on $10, players buy a spellbook and start earning DEC for their wins and loot chests for the daily quests.

Basically, $10 to start, free and nearly instant transactions, profitable, one can make 10 bucks of the investment in a couple of weeks...

In addition to the existing facilities, SPS brings us future projection for the way Splinterlands is evolving. With SPS governance token, there will be use cases for SPS (Governance / Stakeholder token) + Lands are likely to change the whole atmosphere of the game in a positive way.

The narrative of Splinterlands is solid enough to reach such a great potential. Now, let's discuss the reasons why we still cannot reach the highest potential for the game:

The number of Exchanges + Trading Pairs

Imagine you are a new Play2earn enthusiast with limited knowledge about crypto. In general, you are likely to visit Play2Earn section on Coinmarketcap and start checking each game one by one.

Even though there are great games ranked at the top of the list, some of the best performing games are, sadly, not even visible here.

Axie -> has total 100 pairs; Listed on Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Bittrex, Upbit etc.
TLM -> has total 34 pairs, Binance,, HitBTC etc.
SKILL -> has total 10 pairs,, MEXC, WBF Exchange etc.

SPS-> has total 7 pairs,, Hive Engine, Bilaxy...

Once the trading pairs and available markets, it may not easy for a crypto gamer to find out Splinterlands among tens of games being listed.

Beyond the positive impact of listing on cryptocurrencies, it is way more important to provide sustainability for game & governance tokens to reach their potential. In this case, the game has everything but for enough market pairs IMHO.

Marketing is Vital

I'm deliberately focusing on the Play2Earn section on Coinmarketcap not because I adore CMC but because it is an open bazaar where people go and grab what they want. In this bazaar, Splinterlands should be viewed as it should be. Can't resist how undervalued the game is 🙄

There are 22 other games with higher marketcap on the section. With listings on some of the most popular crypto markets, we may witness a domino effect on the others to list SPS + DEC to utilize the volume of the game.

*It is all about domino effect...*


Weather we use then actively or not, Central Exchanges are still playing a critical role in marketing of a crypto project. While everything is hot and fresh, Splinterlands marketing should be at exchange levels to utilize the Play2Earn / GameFi paradigm.


Splinterlands is one of the most popular Play2Earn games in crypto history. Thanks to its fun and profitable nature, it is quite addictive to make us play & earn and engage with like-minded people on Splintertalk.

Though the game has been doing very well, I'm not satisfied with the existing trading pairs and exchange listing. On Play2Earn section of CMC, the game is ranked 23 though there is room for any other possibility but for top 5. At that point, listing is a need for the game to reach its well-deserved potential. With existing pairs and markets, it may not be enough to reach people with limited crypto knowledge.

Listing matters 🥇🥈🥉

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