The Future of Guild Power on Splinterlands

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 17 Jun 2023

The online games have a tendency to start individually and shift to the side of a team game. The smoother the shift happens, the more successful the projects have been. As we also observe the same paradigm in Splinterlands, the game will be prioritizing both individual success on the battlefield and the cooperation, mutual goals, and sense of community in the guilds.


Psychologically, the team-based gaming experience boosts the engagement, opportunities for socialization, and mutual targets to achieve motivate all players to achieve their aims. I believe the current shift in Splinterlands is pretty well organized and applied so far.

The guilds play an important role for all of us. As the Soul-bound NFTs became a part of our ranked battles thanks to the summoners with the ability to call Gladius monsters. Though there are several OP monsters in each pack, Gladius cards are incredibly functional and powerful. They are critical to be used wisely, especially when your rival has his/her own strong Gladius cards on the battlefield.

As Guilds are becoming more important, it is also important to take part in a guild that has high level buildings and full of talented brawlers. In that case, the players have a responsibility to the guild to take it further. Earlier, it was done through direct contributions and daily quests that had a positive impact on the guilds as well. However, the rules of the game have changed.

Grow your monsters and take part in the brawls -> Earn rewards -> Buy more Gladius packs and grow your deck + burn DEC to get Guild Power.

Guild Power'ed Splinterlands

I think we are witnessing a turning point in the history of Splinterlands. The game has been evolving into an ecosystem that we call SplinterVerse. In this ecosystem, there is going to be an emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and guild achievements rather than individual ranks.

There might be Guild explorations where Summoners may have a character in the lands to hunt for some monsters to catch them (like Pokemon) or fight together by using their NFTs.

Whatsoever the thing Splinterlands will be, it is likely to be more fascinating with Guild-oriented mechanisms. For summoners, it is time to be a part of a successful or promising guild that they can contribute to. After my symbolic burn to test the DEC burning event with DEC that I earn from rentals, I'm going to try my luck in this exclusive burning event and increase my guild power regularly.

Do you have any specific plans for the Guild-based Splinterlands experience?

Share with us below.

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