Splinterlands Investment Updates in January 2023

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 30 Jan 2023

It has been some time since I examined my Splinterlands investments while focusing on the other assets in the portfolio. Actually, I had the feeling that the tokens and Splinterlands assets were close to their local (maybe All-Time) deep levels, and the green crypto market showed that bulls have control over the market for now.


Though GameFi is one of the most promising narratives for the bull market, it is not one of the priorities of investors to add up their bags during uncertainty phases. However, once the uptrend is confirmed, the buyers will start with 1-2% of their portfolio, then it will reach up to 10% with the hype. Imagine the atmosphere in GameFi when it happens 🔥

Splinterlands Assets on Rise

The Validator Nodes have been too undervalued at unbearable levels. The cheapest Nodes were bought for around $1000 - 1300 but the market levels were even less than half over the last 3-4 weeks.

If the market stays green like these days, I expect Validator Nodes to be sold for at least $1000 as in the presale. The current price is still too cheap for this amazing investment.

SPS has been consolidating around 2 - 3 cents for a long while. Below 2 cents would not happen while the sentiment in crypto is positive but in case of such an event, I'd level up my strategy and ape more into it. However, for now daily purchases provide me several advantages with low risk investment style.


Thanks to Splinterlands Governance Token (SPS), I receive more than 10 GLX each day in addition to pSplinterlands assets. Until now, the launch of GLX staking provided liquidity on both games. The investors and gamers are quite happy with the liquidity the GLX token brought to the ecosystem.

For Vouchers and DEC, I do not think there are huge differences similar to SPS and Validator Nodes. DEC will have its peg when in accordance with the market conditions. I convert my DEC to SPS with the expectation of huge increase in SPS. The recent adaptation of burning DEC for community proposals is a great idea. I think the usecase is appreciated by the community.

Voucher tokens have no long lasting utility that will push its price up. The value of the token faced significant drops but the price is recovering since the starting of 2023.

In the light of these things, my Splinterlands investment plans does not lose its validity. More SPS, Second Validator Nodes and some Voucher may make me ready for the upcoming GameFi hype in crypto 🐉

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