SEO is the Best Investment for Hive & Social-Fi

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 28 Jan 2023

The year 2023 is full of high expectations for the whole crypto ecosystem but there are some concepts that every crypto investor has an eye on such as zkShark, Decentralized Social Media, Impermanent Loss resistant LPs and Cross-Chain AMM. Among these headlines, I'm sure you spotted the one that fits for our Hive ecosystem perfectly: Decentralized Social Media.


Though Hive is still undervalued and under the radar in crypto, it is consistently growing and evolving thanks to the developers, community members and the adaptable advancements in crypto ecosystem. As a consequence of the hard work and dedication, we now have the reputation of Hive: GameFi Chain by Coinmarketcap and Footprint.

Strengthening the Side of Social-Fi

Hive is a perfect blockchain for gaming and blogging. It does not consume any token rather than Resource Credits and is nearly instant thanks to its dynamic system.

Though GameFi trend was pretty fruitful for Hive ecosystem when we tested around $3 with the help of #Splinterlands investments, we stress tested the capacity of the blockchain. 5m transactions per day was pretty awesome.

When we turn to the side of Social-Fi, Hive is unique. I enjoy exploring new projects that have a potential to overthrow Web2 version but 99% of them are either dead or unsustainable but for Hive projects.

The old chain is the playground of some groups of people, lots of reward tokens of crypto-blogging are dead and the others have no users / community. It seems like Hive has survived another bear market by gaining more power 🦍

SEO Investments: Growing Organically

Unfortunately, many projects have died because of the problems with their fake communities, wasted funds and lack of authenticity. On the other hand, promising projects have found a way to evolve in the bear market. Wanna see an example? LeoFinance by Hive.

I just needed to learn something about WAX blockchain and guess what! I got leofinance in the second position in Google ranking. Imagine, no money paid to crypto influencers, news websites or anyone. Just organic traffic + onboarding!


Why SEO?

Basically, it turns your website into a digital library for millions of people!

 Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots to crawl pages on the web, going from site to site, collecting information about those pages and putting them in an index. Think of the index like a giant library where a librarian can pull up a book or a web page

by Searchengineland

When organic growth is achieved with authenticity, each user may become a source of income for the growing Hive ecosystem. Those who look for decentralized social media may not need to jump into frontends that distribute pump-and-dump tokens 😉

SEO is priceless. The upcoming Social-Fi hype may take Hive ecosystem into another level. Do not forget, if you have staked Hive power, you are one of the stakeholders of Hive project thanks to your commitment.

Search Engine Optimisation may easily prove the leader of Social-Fi without any question ♦️

Hive On ✌🏼


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