Replacing Collection Power on Splinterlands

The NFTs on Splinterlands have an actual use case in the gaming experience. Each NFT has its own element, power, and skill that can directly affect the result of a battle. These digital assets have their degree of uniqueness and collection power that they add to the whole set.


In the current mechanism, the cards' total collection power is a parameter to fight at certain levels. For instance, if a player has more than 70,000 total collection power, s/he can fight in Silver 1 Tier. The ongoing system has both advantages and disadvantages for the payers. For example, the new players can easily rent strong cards and increase their collection power to start enjoying the Play2Earn experience on Splinterlands.


Also, the collection power system works well in terms of matching the players with a closer power on the battlefield. The closer the power of the rivals, the more fun has been experienced. When it comes to disadvantages, this side is mostly based on the utility of the governance token and the real use cases to be attributed to Splinter Shards. As you know, players are complaining about the complexity of the game as there are lots of tokens, different types of assets, and too many concepts to be aware of.

Utility & Less Complexity

The best part of the new system might look like another use case to stake SPS (which brings SPS and Voucher in return) and the incentive is likely to be successful because the higher tiers are always more fun for veteran players.

However, personally, I'm happy with eliminating another concept/ parameter / burden for new players to spend time and money on. Naturally, Play2Earn systems are expected to be rewarding, understandable, and fun. While earning and fun sides of Splinterlands have been working well, the complexity has become a huge concern for newbies.

In a system where a new player only focuses on purchasing SPS to earn more SPS, the incentive will start to fulfill itself with no external interference.

Collection Power Out - Production Power In

As it can be understood from the name of the game, SplinterLANDS is based on an artificial world in which summoners and monsters have immense fights. Thus, Lands will profoundly impact the paradigms in the game.

Elimination or holding the collection power as a symbol will be good for the recognition of Production Power, too.


As you can see, some very strong cards with 2000 collection power may have 363 production power whereas Spirit Miner doubles it with 1500 CP and 681 Production Power.

If I am a new player who is eager to enjoy every side of Splinterlands, the importance of Collection Power might prevent me from focusing on Lands and the SplinterVerse side of the game. It might be the best time to emphasize the importance of Production Power, levels of NFTs, and balanced monster and summoner levels to maximize the experience in Splinterlands.

What do you think about this update?

Is it fruitful for the Splinterlands ecosystem?

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