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By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 21 May 2024

The GameFi enthusiasts know that Splinterlands is the best form of it with its long history that goes back to 2018. The game has become an inseparable part of my daily routine since I started playing it in June 2019.

For my limited investment, Splinterlands brought thousands more with cards and airdrop in the recent bull market. As I decided not to sell any single coins and cards of mine, I accepted to experience this very harsh bear market with my Splinterlands bag.

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Similar to other projects, the tokens and the assets (Validator Nodes, cards, packs, and many others) lost a lot of value over time. Yet, meanwhile, the team developed the SPS chain, towns, guilds, and several other updates to make the game more fun and rewarding.

The game has several advantages:

  • Strong developer team
  • Dedicated community
  • Long and respected history
  • Really fun and worthy gaming experience

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The game still has thousands of active players that make millions of transactions (though millions were made in a single day on Hive once upon a time 🥲)

While the hands are strong for Splinterlands, there are external factors that need to be eliminated.

First of all, the current listings might be a limitation for the coin to be recognized once again.

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Currently Crypto(dot)com, Gate and MEXC are the centralized exchanges where new GameFi enthusiasts can meet Splinterlands.

When new investors come, they tend to look for the "rising" coins that they believe can make another 5x 10x from the price they buy. SPS token tested $1.27 ATH level in the last bull market and now it is traded at around $0.012 - $0.013 already.

If you have a look at the chart of Splinterlands on Gate exchange, you will notice the long candle sticks that are formed due to the lack of liquidity. I think one of the problems arose from the issues with the centralized exchanges that SPS is listed.

Since they are not the Tier 1 crypto exchanges that everyone wants to deposit and hold their money in, the volume on them stay relatively low. Besides, the veteran coins like SPS do not directly receive the big amount of money from hype - comers, rather, the uptrend in the market affects the price of our token too.

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The LeoDex integration enables us to be able to buy SPS and DEC with no exposure to the centralized exchanges. As LeoDex directly purchases native SPS from Hive ecosystem, the purchases will lower the number of SPS tokens to be sold. If possible, anyone can arbitrage between LeoDex and centralized exchanges to make a profit from the spread.

By draining the Hive Engine pools from your USDC coin on Arbitrum or any other Layer 1 coins, the snowball effect will be triggered for the price action of the coin.

Also, the withdrawal fees limit the appetite to invest in a coin for many people.

Gate(.io) charges 41.09 SPS withdrawal fee.

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Crypto(dot)com charges 5-9 SPS withdrawal fee.

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MEXC charges 17 SPS withdrawal fee.

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These transactions happen on BNB chain rather than Hive. For players, there is another burden to transfer to SPS Chain on Hive.

Once the player decides to move SPS from BNB / ETH chains to Hive, there is one more fee, 0.5% by Terablock, is applied to initiate the transaction.

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That's why the L1 <-> Splinterlands assets on Hive can be the best possible solution to trade tokens. The simplicity and the clarity are the aspects that make LeoDex's cross-chain transactions more feasible.

What do you think about the operations of LeoDex for SPS & DEC tokens?

Share your thoughts below 👇

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