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By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 17 Mar 2023

Blur is an NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell Non-Fungible tokens or place your bid for an NFT on hot collections. Blur operates on the Ethereum mainnet. So, the operations happening on Blur are not scattered among Layer 2s.


Blur has airdropped thousands of dollars in the first season. Many people missed the airdrop as that was something less discussed while dealing with the common crypto FUDs, the FED and several other factors. However, it is not late to join the platform.

Let's talk about the ways to increase your airdrop points

BLUR Season 2

There is an ongoing incentive program by Blur. If you decide to list your NFT, the platform incentivizes you with additional points for your listing.

Before you begin, you have to transfer your ETH into WETH on the platform. It does not consume a lot gwei and, obviously, it is worth it.

The platform adopts an interesting way to reward the users.
Via Listing Points
Via Bid Points




Listing Points are earned when you list your NFT on the market. Contrary to Bid Points, Listing your NFT require some ETH to submit your transactions. Depending on the gwei at the time, it may reach $2-3 per transaction. When you list it, the NFT starts bringing listing points.

Bid Points are earned via your bids. The closer your bid to the traded price of an NFT, the more points you earn. Also, bidding only requires signing a transaction. Thus, it does not consume any ETH.

I have not received any Bid Points because my bid was too low. The NFT collection that I bid on increased by 30% over the last 2 days. Thus, it is time for me to bid on something different 😅

What Ways to Follow?

Actually, bidding is a good source of points. It is free and even if your bid is filled, you can start receiving points from a listing. You need to find an NFT collection that will not lose its value drastically. Slight moves will enable you to take an action but sudden drops may hurt your portfolio.

Submit some "close" bids to the NFT collection that you want. If you do not want to have the NFT in the case that the price drops faster than expected, you need to move your bid level lower accordingly.

Also, liquidity is the key to this initiative. Buying and Selling some NFTs 2-3 times a day may not consume a lot of time. You can also play an active role in collecting points.

Have you ever used the platform?
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