Examining Pancake & Biswap - CUB Needs Minting

With no doubt, Pancake Swap has been the most popular and active decentralized exchange operating on Binance Smart Chain. Though the early days of Pancake and Binance Smart Chain gave birth to many doubts in the crypto enthusiasts, their growth did not take much time to overshadow all FUD behind.

When we consider the most engaging blockchains in terms of De-Fi, BSC is one of the leading ones with millions of users. Since the early times when BSC was boosted via initiatives, Pancake team is doing a great job to keep the chain dynamic.


Meanwhile, there has been a lot of projects similar to Pancake such as Goose and Auto that we are familiar with, majority of them could not attract enough attention on themselves like Biswap does. There are tiny little details that we may discuss later but let's scrutinize the overall perspective on the success story of both of De-Fi platforms.

Native De-Fi tokens are attributed as Governance + Minters

The viewpoint on the De-Fi tokens has been slightly turning into more like Store of Value that can save its intrinsic value with working mechanism and use cases. There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

* The fiat currencies are desperately loosing their purchasing power; not sustainable.
* The inflation rates, statistics and all monetary stuff are fake, exploited or serving for a political aims.
* Though De-Fi is riskier (!), the Risk/Reward ration is extremely higher.

In the light of these things, BSW, UNI, CAKE and many other become a new era Store of Value assets for our crypto portfolios.

Step 2: Minters

These tokens are good at hodling their prices somehow better than the other cryptocurrencies and there is more buy pressure/interest on them but, in De-Fi, they are expected to do more than governing something. Thus, these tokens are initiating active Staking, Auto compounding + side earning options through a couple of ways.


Syrup Pools & LaunchPools

Both of these models are excessively profitable in many ways:

✓ The De-Fi token cannot be sold while staked
✓ The De-Fi token generates more income while trying to save its price (through burning etc.)
✓ The De-Fi token serves like the main currency of an openbazaar
✓ The De-Fi token creates sustainable narrative for buy-pressure by users + non-users

The side of Cub Finance

For the autocompounders, CUB generates BNB on the Kingdom through the fees collected from the transactions. As we see from the examples that are mentioned, it is the first and fundamental steps of attributing more value to the native token of the platform. This is crucial step that is achieved.

When we go beyond the BNB rewards, CUB has the potential to become one of the excessively hyped De-Fi platforms as CUB Finance has its own community that see itself as a stakeholder of the project.

Assuming that CUB Syrup pool mints IDI token;
People will stake CUB (can't sell) for IDI.
Most likely IDI will be turned into CUB for more allocation (buy pressure)
The increasing price and interest bring up new Lions to the party (triggered FOMO)

Basically, a project with strong fundamentals, hardworking team and real community can hardly fail in crypto. Through juicy story behind CUB token, it gets easier to reach deserved price levels for CUB and we can build self-fulfilling system for the growing Hive community.


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