Cross Chain Hive via WLEO on Maya Protocol

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 18 Mar 2024

The Web 3.0 world builds better forms for every aspect of human life. The innate power of this paradigm comes from blockchain technology and the proof of ownership. The escape from censorship - based, open target Web 2 concepts to owning your own data has been non - stop happening.

People no longer accept the tyranny of some popular social media platforms at the risk of getting blacklisted, shadowed, or censored due to the policies of the owners. Rather, the new world is based on connecting your digital presence to the open content markets where you can be either creator or consumer permissionless. Since the beginning of the history of crypto, freedom has been the target.

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After the hard fork by the community, Hive is the pioneer SocialFi project where you can create and develop your digital profile to monetize your time and efforts; engage and support the valuable content and enjoy the real Web 3 experience. Within the ecosystem, the like - minded people find each other with tribes and reward the posts with HIVE, HBD, and community tokens (similar to Layer 2 tokens) to appreciate the owner of the content.

The dream of "earning money by writing" has been valid in the Hive ecosystem since 2018. The only obstacle that we faced was reaching out the people so that they could find Hive and monetize their social presence, content, and time in real Web 3. As it is another blockchain that has no fees and nearly instant transactions, it requires extra layers of development to interoperate with EVM or cross - chain platforms.

This is where the story ends with InLEO bridges 🦁

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Hive Goes Cross Chain with WLEO - Maya Pools

The new update enables content creators to bridge their Hive and turn it into any types of Layer 1 coins that they want to have. Or, if you want to grow your social presence and Hive power in the ecosystem, you can easily turn your Bitcoin, USDT, or other coins to WLEO via Maya Protocol to utilize curation rewards of 10%, micro - blogging rewards with LeoThreads and blogging rewards in Hive ecosystem.

The more people can access Hive ecosystem easily, the easier the onboarding will be. So far, Hive has been seen as a gem project under $200M valuation. Yet, it is obviously the best form of Web 3 with its existing facilities. The rise of Friend Tech, 3Friend, and many other SociaFi (!) projects proved that Hive is a massive ecosystem with its own rules.

The liquidity pool of WLEO - CACAO will be launched in 7 days according to the official post by InLEO team.

The integration of WLEO to Maya Protocol will open the doors for Layer 1 interoperability between Hive - Bitcoin or Hive - Ethereum on the native chains. As you also know, there are several other forms of LEO in Polygon side - chain via PolyCUB, Binance Chain via CUB Finance and WLEO that is the wrapped form of the token on Ethereum. All of these coins will be cooperating once again to level up the cross chain experience in Hive ecosystem.

As the bull market comes, the new comers will look for ways to utilize the facilities of crypto ecosystem. They will be looking for ways to find hidden gems, airdrops, and content monetization. In terms of SocialFi, Hive may have an incredible onboarding process as there will be a lot of interest in native Layer 1 operations between Hive and other chains.

The narrative of SocialFi + Interoperability via WLEO pool, Hive is likely to be caught on the radar of many investors. Rather than being a hidden gem with a low cap, Hive may reach thousands of people to serve the best form of Web 3 in the ecosystem.

What do you think about the cross - chain era of the Hive ecosystem?

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