Calculating Net Gains of PolyCUB Investment - Week 10 💰

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 16 May 2022

The PolyCUB investment experiment has been going on for 10 weeks. With the launch of the pHBD / USDC stablecoin farm on the PolyCUB platform, we divided our experiment into 2 parts:

Part 1 - Experiment with the investment on PolyCUB Farms & Kingdoms from the first day.

Part 2 - Comparing Hive Savings (HBD %20 APR) and pHBD / USDC Farm results

So far the first part of our experiment proved that when the price of PolyCUB stays above $0.50 - $0.60, anyone who invested in the project will have received net gains from their initial investment in the first weeks when the price of PolyCUB was above $1.

It will happen because of the staking on xPolyCUB and the tx fees and PolyCUB rewards have been compounding in the system. Thus, you have a bunch of scarce digital coins that PoL will feed and it is planned to be used for Bonding and Collaterals.

The Results of Last Week (W9)

> In total:
-$247 from USDC Farm
-$39 from WETH Farm
+$211 from xPolyCUB Staking
+$13.7 from locked PolyCUB

>= -$61.3 Net Gains for the ninth week of investment. (pCUB = $0.23)

The Results of PolyCUB Investment - Week 10

This week the whole market tanked due to the Terra LUNA case that turned the market into red for a couple of days. So, the loss of value happened in the price of PolyCUB, too.


Yet, the price of PolyCUB is recovering from the bottom levels that we are in. I expect the crypto market to be green after 5 weeks of depressing market conditions.

PolyCUB / USDC & PolyCUB / WETH Farms

So far we have seen that the bottom levels of the price of PolyCUB turn out 70-78% drop in the value of our investment in farms.


Similar to the results of previous weeks when the price of PolyCUB was above $0.20, the farms have -70-78% gains for the initial investment.


Both PolyCUB farms show negative gains on the liquidity pools only when we consider the loss of value. However, we have harvested a lot of PolyCUB rewards from these pools. Let's see the re-investment on xPolyCUB staking.

xPolyCUB Staking & Locked PolyCUB Tokens


This week we have increased 10.2 more PolyCUB on staking.
In addition to xPolyCUB, now we have 85 tokens locked in the contract. When they are unlocked, they will be re-invested on xPolyCUB staking.

In Total:
-$263 from USDC Farm
-$43 from WETH Farm
+$144 from xPolyCUB Staking
+$9 from Locked PolyCUB

= -$153 net gains for our initial investment @ pCUB = $0.15

Part 2 - Comparing Hive Savings & pHBD / USDC Farm

This week we received 18 PolyCUB tokens from our pHBD / USDC pool harvest as the third week of our investment. When we reach the first month, our investment on both Hive Savings will increase as we will claim the reward and the locked tokens will be unlocked to be invested in xPolyCUB staking.

The compounding results of both sides will be quite interesting in 2-3 months 😌


Due to the side effects of LUNA FUD, crypto market suffers from loss of value. Like all other coins, PolyCUB has lost some value over the last week.

This week the net gains from our initial investment is -$153 due to the fluctuating market conditions though it was just 60 bucks last week. Yet, we should never forget that $0.12 - $0.15 are the bottom levels for the price ✌🏼

Finally, we got 18 tokens from our second investment in the third week of the pHBD pool ($128 initial investment). We will see the performance of Hive Savings and pHBD pool in the long run 😎

How about the return of your PolyCUB investment?

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