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By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 10 Nov 2023

What can a single game do to a million dollar project's market cap? For Hivian / Hivers, this is an easy question because we are familiar with the positive impacts of Splinterlands on the ecosystem in terms of the amount of Hive Power used, the resource credits spent, posts being created, and the tokens traded on Hive Engine.

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For the crypto ecosystem, this is something new after a long break since the Axie Infinitive game. Recently, the game called Aptos Arena was launched. In the first day, the game was able to hit 7K players, 40K restarts of players to continue the game and thousands of money (in form of APT coin) to be used on the game.

As a natural consequence of the growing popularity of the coin, APT token gained a lot value since then. That single game had impacted on the price of the coin directly!

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When you look at the price and the volume, you can clearly see the impacts of Aptos Arena game. Now, Aptos will be one of the hottest projects that may keep gaining ore value.

What's so Special About Aptos Arena?

First of all, the simplicity of the game and the price of starting to play might be the catalysts.

The players pay for 0.02 APTOS to start playing the game. The players spawn in a part of the map where they need to find some guns to be able to protect themselves and kill the other.

Every kill in Aptos Arena brings 0.018 APTOS every battle. So, when a new player kills 2 players per match, they are around multiplying the amount as the reward and the payment fee are close to eacher other .

There are several posts that are based on Aptos Arena. Regardless of some of the "overhyped" projects, the team made a great strategic movement by launching the game while the other competitors of Aptos are sleeping (or waiting for a bullish sign).

One Game; Lots of Hype

This is an easy but also fun game that many blockchain developers can code easily.

The side that makes the game stronger is obviously the funds the devs receive from Aptos team. As Aptos may face real challenges to catch up with Ethereum Layer 2's, the idea of launching earlier to grab some liqudity and attention is a fruitful idea.

On Hive ecosystem, gaming has an important place thanks to Splinterlands. In addition to our veteran game, there are new games such as Holozing and Genesis League which are strong and promising projects.

I think the recent event will turn into a new Friend Tech mania on several chains because the game developers realized that their games can be played by millions of people not because the game is flawlessly designed but because the atmosphere is rather positive for a while.

GameFi is Here to Stay

Let's be clear about something: GameFi will be a part of our lives thanks to the easiness of tokenization and the context of education.

If we can support the engagement on Hive and hit the bull market, then it is quite likely to see people talking about Hive as a gamefi chain. My eyes will be on Splinterlands, Holozing, CryptoShots, Golem Overlord, and Rising Stars. If you do not know any one of them, search it on Google easily.

What do you think about the performance of Aptos Arena? Have you registered for the game to test it? Share them below 👇

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