Proving Human Identity and Good Actors Over the Internet pt. 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of my experiment (Note I did not run the experiments epoch 44/45 due to my Idena node not being validated because of technical issues) 

For this current epoch 45 we are restarting our experiment to see how we can prove a person is a good human actor and not a bot. One of the ways it starts is with a conversation. I engage in dialogue with anyone wishing to participate in the experiment on my telegram or discord channel. From there we use the Idena Network for them to prove they are knowledgeable about blockchain and are not a bot. The Idena Network is a proof of person blockchain where users validate their humaness through solving AI captcha resistant puzzles. Come chat with me about blockchain! 

We have a made a few tweaks to our matrix - see results here. In this current epoch we still have 2 invites to give out for the upcoming validation at 6/9/2020. 

What I've learned so far is it has been easier to give an invite out to someone in my existing network than through the internet. Over the internet it takes time for me to prove a person is a valid, good actor while if one of my real life friends are interested it is much easier to give them my invitation. Not only do I have to gain trust to give out my invite, my invitee also has to trust me as an authentic source as well which takes time. 

Overall, the experiment has been really interesting and would love to hear from you and talk about trust, blockchain and crypto! 

If you would like to participate contact me here:

My Idena Wallet Address for the experiment



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Idena Trust Experiment
Idena Trust Experiment

An experiment ran on the Idena Network regarding trusting stranger over the internet

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