Proving Human Identity and Good Actors Over the Internet Pt. 2

In Part 1 of my experiment I attempted to find a real human identity to send my Idena Network Invite to a valid human being. 

What I found in my experiment so far is this I was able to prove people seemed like relatively good actors. I was not able to find a new person who wanted an invite who seemed like a good actor. They either were people who already had a node and were curious about the experiment, just spamming me, popped in real quick or got an invitation somewhere else. 

I did end up giving one invite away, but that was to a friend I knew in real life. 

What I realized is that I had been wondering how I can trust other people, but in reality it's also how can other people trust me? What am I doing to prove/not prove I'm acting in good intentions and the the Idena Network is a blockchain project worth joining?

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Idena Trust Experiment
Idena Trust Experiment

An experiment ran on the Idena Network regarding trusting stranger over the internet

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