War imminent?

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 23 Jun 2019

351665157-6ee48fae3d58820df256f31b309f5b8e3a0d5f86bfc12d5becb9cf51dcdedad1.jpegIs it time for another War?

It seems like ages since we had a decent War, yeah I'm treating like a joke coz that's what the US seems to treat it like 

The rhetoric is always that they are doing it to help the oppressed like they did in Syria Iraq Libya. 

They are trying there best to topple Venezuela and Iran coincidently they both have a lot of oil - A lot

They don't seem to want to help N Koreans or any of the African countries - take your pick as majority are oppressed and ruled by dictators

Could it be that these countries have no oil- no don't be so cynical

The only reason they haven't already attacked Iran is because there poor false flags has been lit up like Christmas trees and the public are not falling for there bullshit this time.

So they will try harder and they will eventually find one that works. Look out for some innocent people dying or an unprovoked attack, it's around the corner so get ready for A lot of innocent people dying very soon

America's the biggest arms manufacturer and exporter in the world and they need to keep up there income stream so...

Let's make America Great Again


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