Buy or sell?

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 5 Jul 2019


People are pumped coz of the prices pumping 

Am I buying?

No. Already bought months ago sold some waiting to sell some more. Take profit wait for a dump then buy again. 

"What goes up must come down"

Ask yourself would you buy btc at 20k? 

I sure wouldn't and people need to be buying for the price to go up else what happens? yep you got it, it dumps

So where are magic people gonna come from to buy at 20k 30k 50k 80k to push the price as high as 100k etc which is predicted by "professionals"

Is it not more plausible that the people on news channels and mainstream media have already bought at 1k 2k etc and making you push there profits up

Ask any one of your influencers if they believe btc will be 100k will they buy at 20k? If they believed it would hit 100k they would definitely be buying at 20k that's a 5x gain.

In reality they have as well as a lot of people have bought much much earlier.

Where is this new magic money coming from?

Think about how many people bought at 13k -20k  couple of years ago do you think they are coming back?

Most will have cut there losses and will never look back.

Some have held on an are waiting for a break even point so they can also run.

I personally know 2 seperate groups of people that have no idea about blockchain/crypto and bought ripple at $3.5 due to hype in total both groups invested £94000 between them. They phone me every 2 weeks to see what's going on only advice I could give them was to buy at $0.25 to bring there cost average down which they did. They now need to hit around $1.25 to get there money back and they will run.

How many more will there be out there I suggest a lot. Hense why people call it a ponzi scheme you can't blame them

How many people are interested in crypto?

Find out how many people on the planet actually own crypto? How many own a wallet? 

Find out how many people search terms like crypto, btc, blockchain etc

You can draw your own conclusions 

We are going to change the world and the banking system Yay!!!

There are individual people, companies organisation's with more money than the whole of Cryptocurrency.

The day the big boys want to embrace blockchain they will create there one currency. Me and you won't become millionaires through them. We cannot all become rich the world does not operate that way.

Please don't be seduced by the figure on coin market cap 350bn it's not it's a lot less. 

If you have doubts look into it and how it all works and literally anyone can manipulate the figures

We can all make money.

As I said earlier buy at the right time if I bought at 2k 3k and I am telling you to buy now at 11k I think that's not right. Buy when you can and when you feel it's right. It's your money.

You don't take advice from some dude on the internet when it comes to what you eat, wear etc If you do then god help you. So don't when it comes to your own money. 

Everything can be manipulated me, included blockchain, crypto anything with the right knowledge and motivation.

Be careful and stay happy😁




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