TimeStope - Your Time Is Precious

What is TimeStope ?

Timestope is a verified and legit Crypto Currency that started free mining on October 7, 2020, Founded by Korean Community. This free mining offered by Timestope is aimed at creating awareness to have many people be in possession of the coins (Crypto currency).

Timestope, being one of the best cryptocurrencies, It is 100% free Registration and free Mining with a referral (Witness).

How To Join TimeStope?

Download the mobile App from Google play store or app store (Timestope)

When you’re done downloading it, open the App, then click on Sign Up

Choose the user ID of your choice (any word of your choice) and keep tapping on Check till it’s accepted.

Then for witness, add mshaukat87 as your witness and keep tapping on Check till it’s accepted.

Note: Witnessmshaukat87 

Select your Country. Then, Input on the name section, input your surname as Native Name and English name (or second name of your choice) on the next column.

When you are done, click on submit and confirm your registration.

Ensure your write down your private Key in a secured place or draft it on your mail incase you lose your phone or want to activate it another phone. Because there’s no option for FORGET PASSWORD on TimeStope Mobile App

✅ What to do:

⏰ Just daily Click Attendance Stamp to keep mining again for next 24h.

Note:-Secure Time Stope public and private key codes.


✅No Internet needed to mining (just for a while during activation)

✅No battery drain

✅You Will Get 14.4 TIME DAILY

✅All is free, no fee, no any investments

TIME is a cryptocurrency used in TimeStope.

The unit of TIME is τ. 1τ = 1 hour.

How to join TimeStope ?

You must be invited by the witness.

Who is Witness?

After you successfully signed up your account in TimeStope, you are called a witness.

What are the benefits of being a witness ?

You can get TIME everyday.

How to make TIME ?

When you become a witness, you can gain TIME by spending your time during the Stopeterm.

How many TIME will I get ?

Everyday, you will obtain 60% (14.4τ), and distribute 40% (9.6τ) to your witness.

How to earn more TIME ?

In TimeStope, TIME will be used like money.

How TIME is used ?

In TimeStope, TIME will be used like money.

How long is the Stopeterm (TIME collecting period) ?

Stopeterm has 2-year validity period.

How to calculate attendance score ?

The attendance score is 100 points for initial participation.


This is an another opportunity for those people who have missed the mining of Bitcoin and PI You can mine Timestope cryptocurrencies. This app is totally safe and legit, You can download the app from Google play store or app store, and enter the Witness code mshaukat87 for Timestope .

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