Big.Byte.Block - Passive Income Source

Big Byte Block allows you to earn up to 3 times your investment over time by blocking nodes.

What is a node?

A node is the simplest unit representing your share in revenue. The value of a node is not fixed and is calculated internally by Big Bytes algorithm.

What is the purpose of a node?

The basic purpose of a node is to earn back up to 3 times in its invested value. And once it has achieved that it matures to become a coin. This coin will become part of a blockchain and will be called BBB Coin.

Every investment in a new node, it is then redistributed to existing nodes. Also, every time an ad is viewed on the website, Big Byte Block earns revenue. This revenue is then divided to all the serviced nodes during the time of display of ad.

Your blocked nodes will keep earning for you, until they have reached 3 times the invested amount. But, you can request for the withdrawal whenever your earnings have crossed the minimum withdrawal limit. And it will be sent to your wallet address.

ROI is your return on investments. Current ROI is 300 % in a year, up to the blocking of 30,000 nodes. It will reduce further as the number of nodes increases. It's not minted by running some computer code or by holding some arbitrary tokens. But, built when it's node network, representing humans, expand.

How to start an Earning Plan?

  1. To get started, sign into the dashboard. If you are not a member, signup here.
  2. Click on the menu icon, then go to Add Deposit.
  3. Select the amount of nodes you would like to purchase.
  4. Select how you are going to pay.
  5. Click on the submit button.
  6. Once that is done, we will click on Submit.
  7. The deposit can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
  8. Once the deposit has hit the account, on the deposit page, you will see your funds.
  9. Now its time to create some nodes.
  10. Clicking on the menu icon, we will go to AC Statement.
  11. Here we will click on the Invest button until the Deposit Balance hits zero.
  12. Every time you invest, you are creating a node in the amount of $$$ USD.
  13. Now that we are complete, we will go back to the dashboard and see that the total number of nodes blocked.

Overtime, each block will continue to earn profits until it reaches its maturity.

Sign Up here & get your first Node Blocked worth $3.54 for free & experience the Earning of this System.

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