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Cryptocurrencies are a system of currencies such as the euro and the dollar. However, unlike these currencies, the purpose of creating crypto money is to exchange digital information with a transaction that is made possible through certain cryptography principles. The purpose of the cryptography is to secure money transactions and control the creation of new currencies. The first cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin found by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Today, according to coinmarketcap data, 2067 different types of cryptocurrencies are used and they are often called “alternative cryptocurrencies”. In short, cryptocurrencies is a digital currency.

Since 2009, crypto has been developing rapidly and has many experts in the money market. These experts, even users who are interested in cryptocurrencies in general, write review articles about cryptocurrencies. This article is published in many places. Some articles are very interested. However, many users do not receive an extra reward or income.  The project that we will talk about will give you the opportunity to win prizes from these writings. It is a platform that pays the authors for high quality content publishing and also rewards readers for their valuable time to read some content and thus creates a more balanced and interesting ecosystem for everyone.


About Publish0x

Publish0x is an innovative organization that aims to bring users their own cryptographic money(BNTY) units through a social networking based network. A member gains a token (type) proportional to the votes of other members, from the original and high quality content he shares in the network. The Publish0x platform is supported by Bounty0x and the prizes are awarded with BNTY, which is the Krypto benefit of the Bounty 0x platform.

Publish0x uses the tip concept and systems are already designed to work this way. Tip is designed to reward both readers and writers. For example, after reading an article, a reader may decide to motivate by tiping it. The tip is not made with its own personal benefit, the tip has a provision in the Publish0x prize system, and a reader can tip at least 20% of the gain that the author has access to. Thus, both authors and readers are paid to tip. Accordingly, it is possible to gain from both sides.

Unlike other " cryptocurrencies blogging/review" platforms, the Publish0x media platform does not have its own marker. Publish0x is the crypto agnostic publishing platform

The interface of the Publish0x platform site is very simple, understandable and interesting. It allows you to publish our article easily with a few simple steps.  It is also possible to add pictures and photos easily to the article we want to publish.


Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is a different way of winning from Publish0x. This gives you compensation for sharing the Publish0x platform with other people and you receive 5% of their tips when they receive a tip, and there are no restrictions on how many people can register in your affiliate link.

A key feature of the Publish0x platform

Unlike other platforms, the Publish0x platform examines authors before publishing users ' content on the platform. Therefore, it is an important practice to keep the quality of articles on the platform under control.  In this way, the quality of the articles on the Publish0x platform will be kept at a high level. There will be a hindrance to the publication of poor quality content.



Publish0x is currently in beta phase. The team is working on developing the Publish0x platform. Currently, the number of users on the site and the number of articles published on the site is increasing steadily. In addition, the tips have started to be distributed. If you think you are writing high quality articles and want to win prizes from these articles, you need to take your place on the Publish0x platform.

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