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By casperBGD | ICO.IEO.STO review | 23 Aug 2019

Crypto currencies offer advantage for e-commerce industry, since there is a possibility of peer-to-peer payments, without fees, except network fee that is low compared to traditional bank fees for online payments. Reflexion lounge wants to take part in this market, with their utility token able to provide global peer-to-peer transactions, payments into lounge industry market niche, payment of all reflexion products and services and eligibility for reflexion franchise service.

Reflexion lounge is based in Manchester, it is first and only shisha lounge in UK, that is trained, certified and authorized by Medusa, and they are official distributors of Medusa smoking cocktails.

E-commerce provide unlimited potential for blockchain deployment and transaction rate and number with crypto currencies is constantly rising from 2013 in e-commerce business. From the broad number of advantages, a few to mention are faster and cheaper transactions, as mentioned above, easier access to receipts and warrants, true reviews, that are legitimate and immutable, data security and supply chains can be tracked down with clear transparency.

Payment application will consist from Merchant application, user crypto payment wallet and assets and mobile management. Customer will use their wallets through reflexion payment cards, select product from the merchant, merchant will create transaction based on that request, customer will scan QR code, and merchant will get transaction confirmation. User will authorize payment through API, that communicates with user wallet module and merchant application module. Inventory module for merchant has to confirm that requested goods are on the inventory, and account management module is taking care of transaction within communication with customer account and merchant account through crypto transfer.

Total number of XRLO tokens is 200 million, XRLO is ERC-20 based token, on Ethereum protocol, supported by ERC-20 wallets. Soft cap is set on 5000 ETH, while hard cap is 72000 ETH. Sale is foreseen in three phases, with 10 million tokens in private sale, 20 million tokens in pre-sale and 60 million tokens in public sale, with public sale price 0.001 ETH for one XRLO. Public sale will be done through various exchanges.

XRLO tokens will have broad usage, with purchase of goods and services on above mentioned mechanism as one of them, but also business lounge participation, exchange in secondary market for other valuables, payment on e-commerce platforms and Reflexion lounge franchise schemes entrance value.

Following the token sale and alpha test, UK expansion is first in mind, with Dubai and Montreal seen as next destinations.

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ICO.IEO.STO review
ICO.IEO.STO review

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