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By casperBGD | ICO.IEO.STO review | 29 Aug 2019

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Decentralized exchange is something that is totally compatible with crypto currencies and their decentralized nature. At the moment, there are several projects that are trying to fill in the space for crypto currency trading, and to take part of the market from centralized exchanges, that hold most of the market at the moment.

ParamountDax is developing fully decentralized exchange from the scratch, with full decentralization as main requirement, as well as instant liquidity on the market, customer support and secure and risk-free trading environment. For the sake of project development, ParamountDax set three thresholds, soft cap at 1,75 million USD, middle cap at 4,25 million USD and hard cap at 9,31 million USD.

Total number of tokens is 100 million PRDX, with 75 million foreseen for crowdfunding. Differentiation point from other exchanges is that Paramount will offer part of daily profit to PRDX token holders. It is foreseen that 46% from daily profit will be shared to holders for black line group, that is entered with 45+ thousand PRDX tokens in holding. Below are platinum, gold and silver line groups.

Security level is increased with an IP address validation before each withdrawal. Mobile version is planned for release before the end of the year.

Project website:
Project whitepaper:


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ICO.IEO.STO review
ICO.IEO.STO review

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