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By casperBGD | ICO.IEO.STO review | 22 Aug 2019

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Bull market is bringing new people on the market, because of profit possibility in short term, while bear market sees absence of users, since there is no hype, and chance for earning is smaller, due to downslide price route. For crypto there is also a fact that short trading is hardly possible, so earning chance is even smaller. But, and there is always a but, believers are here with the industry and they are trying to educate themselves, so that next business cycle, with price increase and bull market, could be better explored. Actual moment is just like that, crypto is still above values from two years ago, but within period that is described as bear market, or crypto winter, looking on prices that were actual year and half ago. Even if that rise was a bit artificial and created bubble, crypto is still here, with market cap higher than 200 billion USD, which is quite huge.

Since the market is in this condition, developers are trying to provide good solutions for new users, that can thrill within next bull market, which is quite usual to happen, due to cyclical nature of business. Point pay is the project that foreseen single closed loop ecosystem for crypto assets, that will consist from Crypto bank, Crypto exchange platform and multi-currency wallet. It is one of the projects that is trying to close the gap between technical issues and complicated procedure for buying and owning crypto assets and end user willingness to access this market.

Point Pay nature token is PXP, that is ERC-20 token, based on Ethereum protocol, and his value shall rise with demand for the Point Pay service. Main issue, as recognized by Point Pay development team is crypto coin inflation, since new coins are mined each day, and total number of coins is rising, so total market capitalisation is rising with constant price. Without development and improvement, that will introduce coin to new users and higher demand, this is not viable and coin price shall depreciate with yearly inflation in number of coins. Nevertheless, if there is a development and good marketing that attracts new users, demand will rise, and coin price will rise, independent from coin yearly inflation. Based on above mentioned, PXP tokens total number will be set on 500 million, and there will be no inflation in the future.

In the whitepaper is provided comparison table with last year ICO projects with similar goals, based on which Point Pay is providing all the services that other projects do not provide, with credits provided from the platform. Compared to conventional banking solutions, Point Pay shall provide easier bureaucratic procedures, fast international transfers with low fees, which is one of the main obstacles of conventional banking that initiated need for digital money in the first place, with client privacy and global reach in mind. Crypto bank developed by Point Pay will have broad functionalities, with crypto credit payments, debit payments, but also P2P loans that are impossible in conventional banking.

For levels of status will be set on the platform, from Standard, through Silver and Gold to Platinum, for which 250000 tokens or more is needed.

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ICO.IEO.STO review
ICO.IEO.STO review

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