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Revenue Coin: the startup power

By adriaparcerisas | ICO Reviews | 21 Nov 2021




Revenue Coin ( is an innovative blockchain project, which has been born unique worldwide as the first token that connects network users with businesses. As a result, RevCoin revolutionizes the token market and provides many smart and creative entrepreneurs with access to financial support. In return, companies are determined to share a portion of their revenue which is then used to buy back the token in the market, reducing its supply. Thus, Revenue Coin token holders have reason to continue to loiter as, thanks to this new mechanism of action, the token picks up significant value through invested startups.
In short, Revenue Coin (RVC) holders fund high-tech companies to help startups scale. And 10% of the proceeds they leverage for systematic RVC buying in the market, which reduces supply and increases value. It’s as simple as that. Below, you can see a very explanatory video where you can finish understanding the mechanics of the project.


How does Revenue Coin work?

Thus, the Revenue Coin ecosystem ( aims to be able to create a community of investors and founders through which to finance and support other companies / startups without taking shares or ownership stakes. The idea is to give a hand to high potential startups to meet their goals without sacrificing foundational interests and long-term objectives, while substantially increasing their post-money valuation. As much of Revenue Coin’s value will depend on the portfolio companies, which will fund the project and the startups, Revenue Coin intends to place great emphasis on finding these companies to ensure their continuity. To this end, potential and recognized high-level advisors have been hired to make decisions and select those projects that they see capable of generating revenue within a set period and thus receive with total security this funding within the ecosystem. On the other hand, the projects destined for funding can also be selected by the community, the holders of the token, so that companies agree to transfer part of the future revenues for the purchase and burning of Revenue Coins.
Blockchain technology allows to reduce costs and formalities related to the purchase of tokens and provides security in transactions anonymously, decentralized by the RVC smart contract.



RVC is the Revenue Coin token, a native token of the Binance Smart Chain network, under the BEP-20 protocol. As mentioned above, RVC will play an important and largely integral role in the Revenue Capital ecosystem as it will be aimed at supporting promising high-tech companies by distributing funds and ensuring access to a shared customer base.


Key benefits of RVC:

  • Exchangeability: Revenue Coin will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring its exchangeability with other coins on these exchanges.
  • Hidden products: Only Revenue Coin holders will be able to access special offers on new products.
  • Voting rights: RVC will also be a governance token within the Revenue Coin ecosystem, so holders will be able to make decisions on which future and upcoming projects will receive funding from Revenue Capital.
  • Liquidity: RVC will be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
    Payment function: RVC will exist as an internal payment medium within the Revenue Capital ecosystem.




Q4 2021

  •  Placing Revenue Coin on major cryptocurrency exchanges, centralized and decentralized.

Q1 2022

  • Introduce the ability to pay for products from companies in the Revenue Capital ecosystem directly in Revenue Coins through the implementation of a payment ecosystem that enables the purchase of products and services through RVC.
  • Purchase of the first batch of Revenue Coins funded with revenue from Revenue Capital ecosystem companies. 
  • Allowing users to buy services or sell them to others within the Revenue ecosystem. 
  • Pursuit of subsequent projects to be covered by the Revenue Capital ecosystem.

Q2 2022

  • Integration of RevenueCoin with the real economy, possibility to use RVC as a means of payment in recognized payment applications and consumer stores, giving holders the possibility to purchase different goods, services and perform rental and leasing activities.



In conclusion, we can say that we are facing a very revo project with a safe value bet, in which if they manage to make the right decisions regarding the financing companies and towards which projects should be financed, they can go very far. RevCoin also supports individualism and helps people to access projects that some time ago were restricted exclusively to commercial sharks, investment funds and banks.


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