Rollercoin faucet

Rollercoin faucet

By xr6cuvibno | Ico presale | 7 Jun 2019

RollerCoin is a free bitcoin virtual simulation game. The idea of ​​the game is a distribution of the reward of the block between the players according to their extraction power, just like with the real Bitcoin mining.

How does RollerCoin work?

To start earning money through this new virtual bitcoin mining, you must first register using your email address or your Facebook account.


After pressing the button  you have to choose one of the mini-games to get mining power, once the mini-game is completed you will get the mining power to extract your first satoshi.

When does mining power last?
The power you gain in each mini-game lasts for 24 h.

How to buy mining power?

Press the STORE button on your Home page.


Reapply in a few points:

2. Create the avatar
3. Play and get satoshi!
4. If you want you can go to the store and buy "miners" to secure a fixed entry.



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