A private instant exchange for cryptocurrency

A private instant exchange for cryptocurrency

By icknu123 | icknu123 | 31 Jul 2020

Privacy is a natural right. I mean, do you want people peaking on you in the bathroom?

Of course not, but why let people peak on you on your financial data? Privacy is not only for criminals!

Bitcoin changed how we used our money and altcoins further increased our privacy. Of course, Bitcoin is getting more private but there a limit on how much could be added due to how big Bitcoin is.

While our privacy of sending is pretty good, our trading between coins is not.

And this is where instant exchanges come. Instant exchanges changed the way we traded. No more signing up for accounts giving away our email address and leaking our IP address(aka running the site over Tor).

However, the age of truly instant exchanges might have suffered a great hit. Shapeshift the first instant exchange is doing KYC. This hurt the image of instant exchange greatly. However as the saying goes, a new creature rises from the ashes of the old one. This creature is Flypme. Flypme is the most private instant exchange for cryptocurrency. And I can prove it! Flypme is the most private instant exchange you’ll ever see(ok a little of an overstatement :P...)!

PLZ note this article came from @sames who posted this on hive!

Let compare Flypme to others shall we?

These are the industry top Instant exchanges(Of course there more but they're too small right now) :


So how do they stack up against each other?


  • 10 user actions with 1 page reload.
  • The site lets you know what is going in every step of the way. The page updated moments after the transaction appeared on the blockchain and it told you exactly how many confirmations needed before getting your coins you swapped for. The true instant exchange. :)
  • Uses SegWit bech32 addresses and batches the transactions to save fees. This means you get more for your money.
  • Organized in a Federated/DAO structure where FYP token holders can vote.
  • Has no scripts running at all:image.png?zoom=1.5&w=715&ssl=1


  • The original instant exchange
  • 11 user actions and 2 page reloads.
  • Support segwit and batches
  • Supports many coins but is always down.
  • Does not let users vote-has no DAO. This is where FYP excels in-allow more people to vote on decisions in an open manner
  • Transactions on Shapeshift can take between 30 seconds to even 48 hours to verify. *Flyp.me has a way faster processing time!!
  • No more privacy-mandatory KYC(Know your Customer) coming soon: https://info.shapeshift.io/blog/2018/09/04/introducing-shapeshift-membership/
  • Has 3 scripts :



  • 12 user actions and 3 page reloads.
  • Estimated arrival ~ 5-30 minute
  • EOS has 3 seconds blocks this long wait time should not occur!
  • *The fastest instant exchange motto really needs to be looked at more. I can just use Binance and trade faster than that so not really an “instant exchange”
  • Has 4-5 scripts:
  • Changenow.
  • 14 user actions and 1 page reload.
  • Has similar speed to Shapeshift. Flypme is faster.
  • Has 2-8 scripts
  • Does have fiat support but that will just reduce your privacy



  • High conversions fees are often a complaint
  • Speeds can vary not what you want from an instant exchange
  • Has steem support which many (instant) exchange don’t have. Flypme might be adding steem real soon!
  • Has many steem orientated products which I'll admit no other will probably have
  • Has 1 script:


Changelly: requires an account and has reports of forced KYC(this KYC has no been system-wide though). Hence why it was not included in my instant exchange checklist.


Flypme has proven itself as the fastest and most private instant exchange to use to date. It has blown all other in the fastest and privacy exchange competition.

Yes, while Flypme has no order books, trading is easier and more private to do. No need to worry if you get a lowering price. You know what you are getting. Flypme is the fastest and a very private exchange and you won’t be disappointed!

You can flyp(get it :P ) your btc for private coins. Flypme has Dash,Pivx and Zcash currently. Monero support is coming soon(might have been delayed due to the hardfork).

Enjoy Flyp.me the true instant and private exchange :)

Start here today: https://flyp.me/


I am not a professional trader, the information above is not trading advice and please do further research. I have written this for the FYP writing contest and will receive FYP tokens and do hold FYp myself. However all my views are mine. I mention the benefits of other instant exchanges as well!



Hi Just a reminder this was reposted by @sames:


I was given full permission to repost this! 


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