Wild Lettuce (Luctuca Virosa) Tea
wild lettuce c/s sealed in vacuum bag

Wild Lettuce (Luctuca Virosa) Tea

By ddar1 | Ice tea recipes by ChriZando | 29 May 2020

obtain wild lettuce either through foraging(the best) or by monetary means on ebay, amazon, or a google search.

---TIP---:: When you forage the wild lettuce yourself, you'll end up with not only the knowledge of identificastion, but also the best quality which make it 100% naturally wild-crafted.

health benefits: Sleep


Instructions for use:

1. Steep about 4 grams of stems,leaves, stalk, or a mixture of them in a cup for 15 minutes for best results.

2. Add honey (NOTE that this herb is bitter as heck)

3. stir and drink


optional: you can mix chamomile flowers or valerian root with this infusion.




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Ice tea recipes by ChriZando
Ice tea recipes by ChriZando

Ice tea recipes while utilizing native and non-native herbs and plants to the Americas.

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