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👋 Hello icarians, here is a little tease of what is coming! 👀

There is so much in space to discover, with vast amounts of untouched resources available for those brave enough to adventure into it. Setup your crew members from different available characters and unique classes, engage in PvE battles with AI-controlled enemies to collect resources and better items/equipment!

Your team will have the chance to scavenge asteroids, explore exotic planets and even meet new alien species, but be careful! You are not alone in space, and other teams will do whatever it takes to separate you from your precious resources and items! 😱

The goal will be to knock down your opponents, or to damage their ship enough so that they will be forced to flee the scene. Will you try to swiftly defeat your opponents with powerful blows? Will you try to take down their ship, while enduring their attacks on your crew? Or will you outlast their attacks, with strong shields and stalwart defenders? 🤔

Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to plan your strategies and practice on how to master the game! We will be releasing more elaborated information regarding the game and its aspects with more video tutorials and data. 👌🏻

Now let’s address what you can expect from the roadmap and the different stages of this Play to Earn, Gamefi based NFT experience!

🔥 1st step to assemble your collection
A capsule contains 1 random generated NFT. Each character holds a certain power level, drop rate % rarity, military rank and different playstyles according to their class.

It’s only possible obtain these capsules by staking $ICA with a lock period of 30 days (100$ worth of $ICA = 1 NFT)

Introducing $XXXX
The ingame currency and monetary system, obtained from player interactions such as battles, quests, special events, and used to do marketplace bids and minting upgrades ingame.

The evolution game
Carefully pick your game lineup and strategy according to each crew member class and rank.

With a higher rank, higher will be the boost to their stats. But even a simple Private may one day become a fearsome General by collecting chests + cards in our liquidity pools like ZETH-BUSD, ZBTC- BUSD and ICA pairs, you can level up and get ingame resources! (requires $ICA and $XXXX to mint upgrades)

Idle game release
The initial concept of the game will start to gain shape, creating the roots for the economical ecosystem and player competition within the game. Practice your moves while leveling up your favourite characters, equipping them for the strategy you enjoy most to deploy.

Power up your collection and start assembling your team, it’s time!

For the OGs to place some of their belongings or for the new players who want to speed up their collection, Marketplace will provide all the tools needed if you’re looking to trade some ingame items/resources!

It’s possible to use either $XXXX or $ICA as payments.
Each sale includes a 2% transaction fee which is meant to buy back and burn $ICA.

Beta Game deployment
Once it’s achieved a full concept and design that has enough user base adoption and on chain metrics for full testing, we shall release the first version of the beta game.

Players will be able to progress through chapters and content to collect ingame assets, while new content is released.

Are you up for the challenge icarians? Collect NFTs and dabble into the new space race!
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