Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace. Everything you need to know about the new house for Ibiza content creators

By Ibiza Token | IbizaToken | 22 Dec 2021


Hey, Ibiza community!

Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace has just been launched and we’ve created a comprehensive guide in order to ease your onboarding journey in an even more memorable way.

Starting today (Dec 22nd) you will be able to explore, collect and trade the first NFTs included on the Ibiza NFT Marketplace using the Ibiza Token dApp.



Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Get on board
  3. Buy / Collect
  4. Sell / Trade



Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace supports island-based content, creators and businesses, by connecting local excellence to a global audience.


The marketplace is made up of different NFT collection categories curated by renowned and breakthrough artists and Ibiza Token’s creative team. In a second phase, there will be created a specific collection made of the creations of artists selected by the IBZ Community.

Ibiza NFT marketplace is based on Polygon protocol and soon will count on “living asset” technology provided by Freeverse. Unlike regular NFT’s, “Living Assets” can evolve according to how they are used and updated to reflect changes in the real-world assets they are based on.

If you are not familiar with Polygon you can learn exactly how to interact with the Polygon Network across this article, please keep reading or scroll down to the “Get on board” section.


  • Exclusive memberships

In addition, the NFTs within the different collections can provide exclusive benefits such as access to a series of extra content, airdrops, events, and special deals and promotions across Ibiza retail and tourism establishments.

As a result, these special collections will be your pass to a whole range of activities across the island to fully enjoy your Ibiza experience also in real life.



Get on board!

All you need to enable interaction with Ibiza NFT Marketplace is to connect your favorite web3 wallet through two simple steps. If you already set up Polygon in Metamask please feel free to jump ahead to the next stage.


Step 1: Configure Polygon on MetaMask

Keep in mind that Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace operates on the Polygon Network, for this reason, if you wish to interact with MetaMask it is required to set up the Polygon RPC channel.


Add Polygon to Metamask by clicking the network selection dropdown and filling the Custom RPC with the following parameters:


Step 2: Connect MetaMask or WalletConnect with Ibiza Token dApp

Keep in mind that Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace operates on the Polygon Network, for this reason, if you wish to interact with MetaMask it is required to set up the Polygon RPC channel.

Just click on the “connect” button at the top right and you will get direct access to the NFT Marketplace by logging from your Metamask or WalletConnect account.



Buying my first NFT

NFTs can be acquired on two distinct levels:

  1. Auction bids: First editions of several collections will only be accessible by bidding at auctions for a limited time using $WETH.
  2. Direct purchases: Other editions will be available by purchasing fixed-price items using $IBZ.

Once you log in, your available balance will be displayed, so you are now ready to purchase your first NFT.


Open your favorite artist’s channel, check the pieces on sale and select the one you wish to acquire. Subsequently, you will be able to click on buy to open your Metamask extension in order to sign the transaction.

Once the payment has been completed you will receive the NFT directly into your wallet, in addition to the 10% cashback in $IBZ token.

Please note that the accepted token can change depending on each piece and sale modality. Fixed prices items can be purchased through IBZ and auctions via WETH. Anyway, you need to have enough MATIC in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

For a proper interaction with QuickSwap we highly suggest reading this article, the swapping process will look similar to the screenshot below.


If you need to buy IBZ or WETH, you can use QuickSwap, below we have added the contact addresses as well as the link to get both tokens.

  • IBZ Contract: 0x428ac1de3fc08c0f3a47745c964f7d677716981f

Buy IBZ on QuickSwap

  • WETH Contract: 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619

Buy WETH on QuickSwap


Selling my first NFT

On the other hand, if you want to sell a piece that you have acquired, just fill in the price, ensure the right token and click on “Sell NFT”.

The process is technically similar to buying, meaning that once you fill in fields and click “sell NFT”, it will automatically launch your web wallet3, requiring you to sign for the transaction.


After you list the piece on the marketplace, you just wait for a buyer to purchase it, getting your funds transferred into your wallet as soon as it is sold.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact the team on our Discord channel, Telegram English, and Telegram Spanish Channels.

Thanks for reading! See you at nft.ibizatoken.com

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The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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