Cryptocurrency to scam

Cryptocurrency to scam

By IamCryptoMan | IamCryptoMan | 12 Nov 2019

There is much talk about the exchanges that scam their users and developers stealing their coins, it is very common to read the complaints of those who feel they have been scammed, whether they are right or wrong in their arguments, platforms that suddenly close and do not return the coins or people who deposit them and return after months to see that they were not at the time of being removed from the platform for some reason and lost them.

Yes many letters for that part, but we can also talk about the developers who create coins to steal from unsuspecting people who fall into their sales manipulations and end up investing in a project that disappears overnight leaving a bitter taste to those who trusted they. Of those there are more cases than the same exchanges.



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In recent years the creation of coins has increased alongside the crypto ecosystem, there are dozens that have left without any economic foundation that gives them the necessary support to take value and do what their White Paper says, other than in my opinion, It does not give a currency a reason to be good, since the paper holds it all and you can say what you want others to know and feel that it is true, even if it is to scam them.

There are many things in which users must be attentive to see the possibility of scam in a currency, I have mine and it does not mean that they are the real ones and I am not wrong, I am just a drop of water in the sea where they move the digital currencies, but for example, when I see a coin that came out recently with a preview of millions of them and the developers dump it in the discord channels or the chat rooms where it is allowed to give tips as if they gave away glasses with water, the alarms They light up quickly in my brain and tells me to be very careful.

There are also those coins that still do not go out to the public and are already selling masternodes with developers where their face is a puppy or a type of cartoon, while saying that anonymity is vital, I do not enter there, I move away quickly, because the mirrors They were sold to the natives of my country years ago, at present we do not believe in that, if you sell me something I must know who you are and try the product to see if it is good, buying something blindly is a very big stupidity.


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There are developers who throw a coin and a month are already changing blockchain, making folks and fighting among themselves and users updating wallets as if they were trying to level up in a video game, those for me are also care and look that they are everywhere, they are seen in a project this month and in the next they are telling us that they have a new one that will be better, no friends do not fall into their networks so easily.

There are the developers who look for in all the exchanges so that their currency is listed for free offering great support and selling a project to dump coins and obtain financing from the users of that exchange and then abandon them, in addition to going out on the social networks screaming to all lungs that were scammed and that the exchange took away their coins, of those there are dozens today, so do not believe in what they read there at first, you always have to investigate the parties involved.

Anyway, I must say that the strength of a currency will always be in the capacity and awareness of its holders, of a community dedicated to their currencies and that they always seek the good of all within their project, there is no magic thing that says which development It will scam those who invest in it, but if there are signs that can help you be alert and be able to leave or not enter them.




And as I always say, I have two favorite exchanges, a big one like Binance and a small one like Tradesatoshi, in both of them I have done very well because I had a third party and for 4 months I have been waiting for a support ticket that I sent to you, to That one is not coming back.


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