Wanting more crypto, tonight we trade!

If you have no place to go, wanting so much more out of life, if you see a future in staking or holding a coin, but can not afford to buy the coin, you can try to gain more. What I am going to do tonight is attempt to trade up, I will just walk you through my entire process and we can see what happens. I make no claim of being good at this, but one thing I will claim is that I am dedicated and unable to stop. I haven't really been trading much since 2019, I have to do it now, I hope I can get in my old mindset and really show you a good time here. The money is second to satisfying the drive, the drive to be here doing this because I can. Some of us could never make it up Mt Everest, most of us cant. Lots of bodies left there on the mountain, everyone else must keep going before they too are unable to survive. This is not a pretty thing, it can be beautiful but it can be ugly too. Perhaps I am physically addicted to the chemical stimulus. I used to practice olympic .22 style shooting, where you stand as still as possible for a long time, and shoot at a tiny hole. We would be taped to the floor and wearing lead suits to keep us in place. One year I was shooting 2500 shots a week, at one tiny hole. Some of us can never stop. We can always be here saying the books are too thin, set some limit orders to help fill that and get paid. Oh yes we can do that, we can always be doing that but its exhausting. To play here, you have to have enough to make it worth your time.

So that is the first part, get in the mindset of what for and why you are trading. Then we go look for a trade. I don't want to show you all the books and which one ill choose, so ill just pick my top 2 and trade one of them.

So now we go and find a nice juicy thin order book, ETH trading pair today, and usually so. ETH is getting locked away in contracts that pay, so it will stay locked for a while. Gas to move out is high, might as well stay and wait.

Ok right away I unstaked my DOT and got funding ready. Then I saw no need to trade out of DOT, good action here.



Obviously I will sell into the next spike up, and make much more than 12% a year staking DOT. Smiling and having fun is the name of the game. We don't want to feel bored or poor or useless or helpless, we want to work for a great future and enjoy our minds and our time!! This is what we do.


Alright this is easy, lets set at .014 and make some ETH.

EDIT: I only made 4 cents off this, a good call... really not worth it. Shall I continue this when its not worth it?

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true gileadensis
true gileadensis

Just sharing some chart analysis with the Market Cipher trading tool. If you want to learn more: https://marketciphertrading.com?ref=2608

I trade ADA, and have much to say
I trade ADA, and have much to say

I have been trading ADA since October 2017. I could not find it on google and just read rumors that ADA was financed by a private ICO in Japan, and that they had spun off from a gaming company. I had no idea that Charles from ethereum was involved. I traded from $.023 to $1.34. This is my story, followed with updates, because I want to share this story.

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