Announcing the Boid Season 4 Launch Event

Announcing the Boid Season 4 Launch Event

By I_Seth | I_Seth | 10 Apr 2020



Announcing the Boid Season 4 Launch Event

If you believe in the Boid mission and want to help the project to grow then this is a fun way to contribute towards Boid development while earning some exclusive rewards.

What is Season 4

  • Focused on COVID-19 research
  • Introducing new Boid teams and prizes
  • The first multi-chain Boid Season
  • Dedicated to Earth Day

What is Boid Season Pass

  • A rare on-chain NFT paired with unique physical merchandise
  • Show your support and help to fund Boid development
  • The NFT provides a cosmetic upgrade to your Boid account
  • The NFT upgrades based on your season performance
  • Season Pass NFTs are collectable and transferable
  • Contributors have a random chance to receive the season pass that increases as you level up.
  • Accounts that reach Level 1 have a 5% chance to receive the pass
  • Accounts that reach level 10 have a 50% chance
  • The top 20% of contributors have a 100% chance to win
  • Minimum threshold for physical merchandise is is $80.00 + shipping

How will funds be used?

Funds will be used to develop and maintain the Boid platform including but not limited to infrastructure, legal, and marketing tasks.

How else can I support Boid?

  • Join and follow the Boid social channels
  • Share your Boid invite link (you get some bonus social power)
  • Install the Brave Browser (It’s great!). If you use the browser for one month then we get a reward Download Brave 1
  • Earn $50 when you sign-up for using This Link 1
  • Earn up to $50 of EOS when you use this link to learn about EOS on Coinbase Earn

I’d like to donate privately or with a different currency.

Contact us at with details.

I’d like to review the smart contract code or learn more about how the contract works.

The contract is open source on github.

Boid Free CPU service now available

Inside the Boid UI (Main Dashboard and Staking page) You will now find “Claim Free CPU” buttons. If your account meets the minimum requirements you can claim some free CPU once per week. This is a great service for Boid users because you can use the CPU on any EOS Dapp without going through a specific UI such as the Bloks free cpu solution. The requirements are.

  • At least 1000 Boid Power
  • At least 10000 BOID Staked
  • Account must be older than one week or have not changed the linked EOS account within one week (to prevent abuse).
  • You can only claim CPU once per week (you receive REX CPU for 30 days with each claim)

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