The hard fork of Bitcoin cash can get the Crypto World in blood again.

The hard fork of Bitcoin cash can get the Crypto World in blood again.

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 15 Nov 2020


The hard fork of Bitcoin cash can get the Crypto World in blood again.

In this article, I will remind you of the collapse of crypto coins after the hard fork in the past in November.

Since 2 years have passed, you may have difficulty remembering. However, after the BCH hard fork, two cryptos, BCHABC and BSV, were created.
After this hard fork, all subcoins, especially Bitcoin, had bottomed and the crypto world was covered with red blood.

At 12:00 on November 15, 2020, a BCH hard fork will again be formed. This time, a crypto named BCHN will be created, which leaves BCHABC. The purpose of this article is to emphasize that it is not about who is right or who is wrong.

The purpose of this article is whether we will watch the same bad scene after the hard fork or will we not watch it ..!

We saw a very bad scene in our first experience. For a full month, the Bitcoin price and the Bitcoin cash price plummeted.

btcBitcoin decline on November 17, 2018.


Criminal coin BCH charts.

14 nov bch

BCH drop on November 17, 2018.

bch 17 nov


Our hope is not to experience the same bad nightmare again.

Of course, if this bad scene lowers crypto prices again, it may offer a buying opportunity for those who miss the Bitcoin train.

Losses may occur if subcoins fall.

That's why I advise you to be very careful.

My goal is to warn you not to lose your earnings.

I hope we don't go through those nightmare days again.

Hard fork time may differ by country.

These are my thoughts. If you disagree just read and smile and pass.  :)

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