Master OF The OZ

Master Of The OZ

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 27 Nov 2022

Master Of The OZ 


 Hello, soldiers of the Crypto World who are early adopters of crypto and can see crypto as the future,

I will tell you about OZOZ NFT, a promising project that will become stronger in the Aptos network and will make a name for itself when the Aptos ecosystem is also transferred to the mainnet.

1 week ago, I attended an event in the Aptos test network, where 57 thousand people participated and 100 thousand OZOZ NFTs were printed. We pushed the limits of the Aptos testnet and I printed 255 OZOZ NFTs at this event. (My main goal was to print 1000 OZOZ NFTs (I may have exaggerated a bit) but 57 thousand people were both my competitor and my friend who tested the network. :) ) Below I am sharing the picture of 255 OZ NFT I printed with Martian wallet.


As we can see it is very cute. :) If I could print 1000 OZ NFT, I could send Aptos tesnette to my friends. :)

But the adventure is just beginning because the story of OZOZ NFT is also very interesting and exciting. I am sharing this story with you.



The Psyche civilization came into existence 123 years ahead of Earth, dubbed the richest planet in the galaxy. New measurements of Psyche's surface temperature show that the asteroid is filled with precious metals estimated to be worth more than $10 quintillion.

However, the material considered as the most precious here is a creature called OzOzOz, which has supernatural powers that attract money and rare metals. This creature's greatest love is luminous stuff, they spend their whole life collecting diamonds, platinum, gold and silver... Wherever they are, they can detect the energy of precious materials hidden in the universe and bring them back.

OzOzOz species live together with their owners and wholeheartedly serve with absolute loyalty. They consider their owners's property above all else, thereby willing to do anything to protect and increase their owner's wealth as if they were their own. Thanks to that, the planet Psyche has increasingly become prosperous.


But since the great collisions during the formation of the Solar System, OzOzOz completely disappeared from Psyche. Years later, thanks to their distinctive vocalizations, researchers discovered traces of OzOzOz that had drifted toward the mouth of a monstrous black hole at the center of the dwarf galaxy Henize. Hundreds of spaceships have been sent to the mouth of the black hole to search, but only one has been able to safely collect the last 1000 OzOzOz in the universe.

Unfortunately, on the way back to Psyche, the ship collided with a meteorite causing a huge explosion. Having fallen to Earth, all OzOzOz creatures have gone missing. And from here, an adventure to find OzOzOz begins… "

As you read above, some information is given to us in the story (like the last 1000 OZOZ :) )

A lot of questions may come to our mind before the adventure of OZOZ begins? ( How do we search ?, how do we catch ? This question came to my mind because I thought it was something like pokemon :) ) And there will be many new and interesting questions that come to your mind.

We know from the website that OZ NFTs will be staking and there will be a market place where NFTs will be sold.

We also received the signal that there will be "Airdrop and similar awards" in the project. For this, you can reach the priority privilege in an Airdrop, which will be distributed by taking the white list ( WL ) and discord OG roles by leveling up in discord.

Join the Discord channel at this link --->

Not: Since the link is 7 days old, if it is canceled, please comment and request to update the link.

I will share with you when there is more information and new developments.


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