Facts About Brave Browser.

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 3 Jun 2020

Brave has been facing huge payment and system issues since May 5th.
Android and Computers did not make the advertising payments that they should pay on May 5th.
Although the update also provides information that all problems will be resolved, some users have been fixed and there are users who are victims like us.
As this new update does not solve the problem, we will not be able to receive advertisement payments on June 6.
Also with this new update, there was a problem like this; "lost bat tokens" issue.
This incident that happened to other users and me has not been solved yet.
In other words, the number of users in Brave may have increased. It is interesting that such problems occur with the increase of the number of users.
I think that Brave administrators have lost control of the system with the increasing number of users.
Instead of writing these facts about Brave, I would love to write that everything is fine, but I can't fool anyone ..!
I have little hope, but on June 6, I hope they pay for advertising.

In the picture you see the amount of unpaid Bat.


Despite these problems, if you want to download Brave link

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