Earn Free Cryptocurrency With PipeFlare

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 16 Jun 2022

Earn Free Cryptocurrency With PipeFlare


 I have been using the PipeFlare faucet site for a long time and I will tell you how to get ZEC, MATIC and the site's own token 1FLR token for free. (I'll refer to it by abbreviating as Pipe from now on.) Faucet sites are one of the best places to earn free tokens when the crypto market is in a "Bear Market". However, not every faucet site may offer free tokens because even in the crypto winter of 2017, these sites even had scams. Or, it could take many years to reach that amount because they put a higher token withdrawal amount. However, the Pipe site is a quality site and I have never experienced the negative situations mentioned above until now. However, let me also state that I can receive the ZEC payment now because I have not yet reached the MATIC and 1FLR token withdrawal limits. When I reach these limits, I think I can withdraw them too, because as I mentioned, ZEC payments are always made to my Binance wallet. Let me show you by attaching the picture of the deposit email sent by Binance of the ZEC payment made on June 9th.


 Sign up to Pipe at this link and start earning free crypto " https://pipeflare.io/r/f8r0 "

The site will ask you to add a ZEC wallet address and after adding it, the Claim button will be active once a day. As you request this ZEC coin and the payment terms reach the limit specified on the site, the ZEC will be sent to whichever exchange's wallet address you wrote automatically. You will be entitled to receive rewards in MATIC and 1FLR tokens. You can access the (Daily Rewards) from the page that opens when you click on it. The place I marked in red in the picture below.


 One of the few extra multipliers that will increase the amount of coins and tokens awarded is using the Brave browser. If you use the Brave browser, whichever reward you get first for 30 days, that reward will be increased by " 1.25 X " and will be paid to you. Such reward increases are already mentioned in the relevant parts of the site. For example, if you connect your social media accounts, you get an extra reward multiplier as you can see in the picture below. Do not forget to pay attention to the permissions you give when connecting an account..! If these permissions are suitable for you, connect your social media accounts. Important Note: Be sure to verify your e-mail address or connect with gmail.


 Except for the Zec reward, you need to link your Metamask wallet to the site. In the picture below, I marked the places that indicate this condition in red. You can add tokens and coins to your Metamask wallet very easily from the information pages of tokens and coins by going to CoinMarketCap (CMC). Important Note: If you have never installed a Metamask wallet, you can definitely do it by watching the videos on youtube explaining this installation.


 You can also add Polygon ( MATIC ) and other networks to your Metamask wallet without any hassle with the Metamask easy add buttons in the lower right corner of the "Scan" sites of these networks. In the past, such facilities did not exist. To add a network to Metamask, we would manually enter a lot of additional information about the network and save the network in Metamask. :)


 I would like to talk about the daily serial reward multiplier as you can see in the picture below. This series progresses when you get the ZEC reward and on the 6th day the "Bonus Spin" will be active and you will have a chance to win more ZEC. And every 7th day, you see your ZEC reward multiplier increase from "2X to 3.5X". Green arrows indicate completion of these series. You will continue to receive increasing ZEC rewards for 1 month.


 When you click on Bonus Spin, a screen will open and when you start it, you will receive the ZEC reward according to which of the 3 different combinations comes out as you can see in the picture below.


 There is a lot to tell with Pipe, but I wanted to mention it briefly here. Pipe is a cryptocurrency faucet site that gamifies it and makes it fun. It also has its own PYRO NFTs. Also, without forgetting that, when claiming an award in the picture below, make sure to click on the place where it says "SKIP" and claim your award without any problems by solving the CAPTCH to be opened correctly.



 Sign up to Pipe at this link and start earning free crypto " https://pipeflare.io/r/f8r0 "

Important Note: It is written for informational purposes, if you are considering purchasing Pyro Nft, please do your own research.


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