Crypto in daily life!!!
Crypto in daily life!!!

By Gaurav | i love crypto | 21 May 2019


so i was in another thought , just thinking is people really use crypto in daily life?

well the answer is pretty simple no one use it daily life for buying or selling stuff, i mean who use bitcoin for buying milk , or which father gives his son kodak-coin for buying camera,  no one uses crypto in daily life for regular purpose they are just show-peice , people just invest in crypto in a hope they will earn a lot... but what happens here our currencies are loosing there actual purpose. well imagine even Satoshi Nakamoto(people says he have invented bitcoin) he wolud have never thougt that i will write a article on crypto in daily life, just to earn some crypto 

well yay that is life, cryto is used as investment but it's main purpose was to replace currency.... and yah it better seems to fail here.

so what are the reasons crypto is failing?(i am not talking abiut rise and fall in price)

well the 1st reason in that it is just like using coffe beans instead of currency(well, coffe beans were used as currency in 1900 b.c.) as the no. of coffe beans might fall or rise , which may effect there market value. same thing happens with crypto there the no. of cypto coin is might be fix but still you need to buy crypto in excange of a centilized currency and there is a negotiation between buyer and seller which further disturb the price of crypto there are many crypto whose one coin worth more than a dollar, and some's worth are less than a cent.

also more than 90% of crypto is stored in people's valt is there for investment. they just store that crypto wait for the time when it's price touches the sky. well it's the truth of crypto economy it's just investment. people still give importance  to cash than those coin which are printed in binary digits  so in economy cash still got a 1 , and crypto a 0


i love crypto
i love crypto

just for the love of crypto

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