CHEAPEST INTERNET IN THE WORLD $2-for 45GB 4G a month -case study

By Gaurav | i love crypto | 21 May 2019

hey free hydro seekes in the world namaste from GAURAV

well i was just having a chit-chat form my internet pal, he lives in usa. he was quite slow while chatting and blamed the internet. so then we start taking about internet price and after the comparison we both were shocked i came to know INDIA have lowest internet price in the world. yes, well operators in INDIA the provides the most affodable internet , we indians actully pay 150 INR a month to jio for truly unlimited plan, which includes 1.5 gb 4g data per day, unlimited voice calling and 100 sms per day even other operators provides same thing for 150-170 INR which roughly means $2 dollar a month , and if you thing that would be cheap in terms of conversion nope, we indians do find it cheap in INDIA coffe at cafe coffe day is around 150 INR,  t-shirt cost around 200 INR , well cost  of apple i-phone X is around 50,000 INR . SO this is the price comparion in india yay data is quite cheap here in usa you have pay nearly $50 bucks for the same plan

well in INDIA the data was never so cheap back 3 years ago i use to pay 200INR for just 2GB a month that to for a 2g pack. but due to the launch of a beast JIO , the face of internet have suddenly change now india is the biggest market of apps and other potencial online bussiness.

well you might have came to know about t-series vs pewdiepie well that is mostly due to the internet revulation in INDIA , indians got such a huge amount of data that we start using a youtube a lot which lead to down fall of a big youtuber. but still i like watch pewdiepie vidoes ,and enjoy t-series songs too



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