Prediction Time - Altcoin on my Radar for 2020
Hydro Vault

Prediction Time - Altcoin on my Radar for 2020

By Mayor | HYDRO Fans | 14 Feb 2020


It's rightly called a prediction period as we journey into the year 2020. Everyone itches to hear the next big project in the crypto space. which will it be? But isn't it obvious? The extended bear market has made it easy to identify the real projects out there. In 2019 alone tons of projects went under the hood, with no updates or sign of following a previous roadmap. As it's said, when it gets tough, the top becomes scanty.

With the Bitcoin halving around the corner, Ethereum upgrade happening anytime soon, the new decade is expected to be a deterministic year in terms of the next big direction in the adoption of blockchain/cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and other alternative coins like Hydro solving different problems. Suffices to say that for a project to succeed starting from now, it's going to be beyond presenting a well-edited or styled whitepaper and lofty plans. There are all indications that only projects with working products solving an obvious problem will be at the forefront of driving adoption with an accompanying wave of explosions in popularity, price, and other growth metrics.

At the top of my prediction for best performing project in 2020 is Project Hydro and the companies building on its protocols. A fully decentralised non-ICO project born in the thick of the bear market in 2018, that has consistently grown in development, with multiple products in the wild. More recently among the arsenals of their product is the Hydro Vault, which is being developed by Hydro Labs. I'll take a few lines to explain the key functionalities of this promising product.

The Hydro Labs team calls the Hydro Vault the most secure method of storing crypto assets. Why wouldn't anyone consider having a fully controlled vault under their watch to store their precious crypto assets? The fear of hackers is the beginning of wisdom. In 2019 alone about $4 Billion was lost forever through hacks of different magnitude both from personal and company accounts. How would the vault be a game-changer? It comes with up to 3 levels of security including Face-ID. Thumb-ID, and pin via the Hydro Pay app. It is said to be a keyless non-custodial security solution. In addition, it allows users to easily send funds between their vault and hydro pay to pay for items in-store without going through the usual hassle of connecting a hardware wallet like Nano Ledger S to authenticate transactions. Have you heard of “Dead man’s switch” before? The vault comes with this feature. Another attractive perk is that it's easy to use for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. I personally like this feature because despite being in the crypto trading space for over five years and counting I always have phobia using meta mask and other complicated hot/cold wallets for transactions. 

Maybe you're asking/saying if it truly has these features then it's definitely not going to be free. I asked the same question when I stumbled on this gem. From my findings through questioning the team at Hydro. I discovered that the Hydro Vault will be totally free to use (but you pay a fee for some premium features) and on top of that will support a large array of crypto assets without limitation as seen in the available hardware wallets we have around now. 

It's not uncommon to see many questions when a new product is about to launch, especially when they are trying to solve a serious problem. Since there is no harm in trying. I've signed up and anticipate the launch of the much talked about Vault. You can also sign up here.

What is your favourite wallet that you use right now? What would make you want to move your assets over to Hydro’s Vault? What do you like most about your current wallet? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

What is the most promising project that you’re looking out for in 2020?



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