Bitcoin Wallets With More Than 1,000 BTC Reached ATH!

By Huseyin7 | huseyinusluoglu | 28 Oct 2020

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) wallets holding more than 1,000 BTC has reached new heights. Wallet addresses with more than 1,000 BTC have been growing for more than 2 years, according to data provided by Unfolded. This shows that major investors continue to be bullish on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, according to experts.


Bitcoin whales are growing amidst bull sentiment!

We see Bitcoin whales getting excited about the future of cryptocurrency after Bitcoin has surpassed $ 13,000 in recent days. Indeed, large companies (those holding more than 1,000 BTC) continue to grow. There are more than 2,200 unique addresses with a balance higher than 1,000 BTC. This does not include users and investors whose funds may be split into different wallets. Data shared by Unfolded also shows an increase in large BTC holders since September 2018.


Altcoins cannot record growth rates similar to Bitcoin

The list of companies and investors that have decided to buy large amounts of Bitcoin continues to grow as the cryptocurrency is ready to hit new heights in the near future. The largest cryptocurrency is currently traded around $ 13,000 and has a market capitalization of $ 243 billion.


Despite the rise in the cryptocurrency market for Bitcoin, other altcoins cannot record growth rates similar to Bitcoin. Last week, Bitcoin became the biggest winner among the top 7, showing that no other major altcoin has been able to record the gains in BTC in recent weeks. Another cryptocurrency that has made huge gains in recent days was Litecoin, which grew by over 18% during this period.

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