Black Clover, epic anime come back ?! New date release !

Black Clover, epic anime come back ?! New date release !

By HuntShot | HuntShot - Anime | 5 Jun 2020

The anime of Yuki Tabata's "Black Clover" is stop because of the COVID-19, the publication of episodes is temporary in pause. Staff members have announced it whit an official Tweet. They announce a suspension of the anime and a rebroadcast the anime from the beginning, on TV.

[Broadcast postponement notice] Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, broadcasting and distribution will be postponed from 5/5 (Tue.).

Therefore, from May, we will rebroadcast from the first episode of the series.

We hope you will wait until the broadcast resumes.

As Boruto or One Piece, Company Pierrot and other animation studio favor the protection of the staff and want reduce risk. 

Unfortunately for fans, the episode 132 was the start of a filler arc. But next arc, in the manga, isn't finish. This filler part would must be long.

However, after this sad new let's talk about a good new. Some fans are speculating. The anime would be broadcast again in June. It's only speculations but the website TV Show Time, who refer most of series, announce the return of the saga in ten days. So we need to be optimistic.  


Synopsis :


For those who don't know about this series, let's done a little summary. The story take place in a magical world where everyone have magic abilities. Two orphans, Asta and Yuno, were found ahead a church. They will grow up together. One has a perfect control of his magic abilities and the other doesn't have magic abilities. Both want to become Wizard King. We will follow Asta (who is the only one to have no magic abilities) in these adventures.

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