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On Citing Info Wars, Zero Hedge, q-Anon or other Alt-Right Propaganda Generators in Discussions of Issues with Wide Impact

The moment anyone cites Fox, Info Wars, Zero Hedge (or any of the other so-called "news" stations/sites that push the right-wing agenda of fake news) as a source, I stop taking seriously what I'm reading and skip straight to watching the timer count down to the point where I can tip myself for unintentionally wasting my time on reading Alt right-wing conspiracy theories based on hear-say, lies and propaganda. Then, having done that, I will block them, to save myself any further inconvenience in future.

What we need is more crypto, not cash. Let the banksters fail and die. Thanks for validating my decision to send 80% of it to myself. It really is too bad I can't push the slider to 0/100 instead of 20/80. Trust me, these mono-browed, mouth-breathing muppets who parrot stuff without doing rudimentary fact checks on stuff they "heard from a friend" deserve no less, IMO. The force is decidedly not strong with these ones. Well, d'you know what I heard from a friend and didn't bother to check because it seemed about right? Chrissy Teagan allegedly wrote on Tw*tter that Donald Trump is a p^ssy-ass b*tch! Just because somebody said something doesn't make it true (not that I wish to defend/endorse Trump in any way).

Don't do stupid, OK? I might take right-wingers seriously if most of them weren't so stupid and selfish to begin with (or actually made valid points backed by facts). There's no guarantee I'll agree with them, though. ("Do You Even Read, Bro?" is a rare case in point. Yes, I did even read the whole thing, because it's well-written and makes some valid points about body autonomy. Being disparaging about Leftists and modern society, though, is not included in that.)

It's only a matter of time before they start blaming any given situation on the Illuminati, "immigrants stealing our women and taking our jobs" or the "moral degeneracy of homosexuals and trannies in society" (or whatever other dog-whistle slogan they so like repeating ad infinitum, ad tedium) ... Jeepers creepers, folks, at least try to find an original idea for once in your miserable lives (and I don't mean poking a badger with a spoon, seeing as you tend to do that a lot anyway and we badgers are tired of it, quite frankly). The devil put dinosaurs here and Jesus don't like the queers, or something like that. Maybe Alex Jones is just the reincarnation of Henry Ford, but something went wrong in the reincarnation process. (It's as invalid a thumb-suck as any of theirs, as far as I'm concerned.) The derp state indeed ...

When I do cite multiple sources, I don't do it solely to pass myself off as the most interesting man in the world, but so that you can read them for yourself and confirm that the bits I've extracted (and the wider context) support the points in an article I've posted. (They very well might not, since I do miss the point on rare occasions.) Otherwise, I might as well go down to the local pub with a pen and paper to record the opinions of any random bloke willing to talk to me about a given subject in exchange for beers, then relay it back to you as if it's significant in any way. That's the level of "investigative" journalism you can expect from the companies/organisations I've named.

They terk our jerbs!

I go hunting for witches ...

If you get your news from conservatives,
I feel bad for you, son.
I’ve got 99 problems,
And right-wingers are one.

If you wear a tinfoil hat,
I feel bad for you, son.
I’ve got 99 problems,
But nut jobs ain't one.

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