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In Defense of Feminism (A Handy-Dandy List of Links for Cis-Het Men)

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Let me get this out of the way first: I am not a feminist. I believe in Egalitarianism and anarcho-feminist with intersectional leanings, but we live in the real world whith a lot of work still to be done. (Please see footnote #1) I disagree with some of Feminism's ideology (Lesbian and Radical, for personal/self-interest reasons) and there are vast gaps in my knowledge. I am a single, white, cis-het male and a self-aware arsehole. (id est I have faults, privileges and blind spots I'm endeavoring to overcome.)

Be that as it may, I see so much — so much — BS posted about feminism by people who're truly clueless about it. For example:

  1. Feminism is for man-haters. [This statement is made as if this is somehow a personal attack on the individual making it and there are no such things as subgroups of thought. "Radical Feminists" are not "true" feminists, but that's a subject for the image below.]
  2. If a woman doesn't let you violate her body/boundaries/consent/rights and throws a fit, she's a "feminazi" because blah blah blah entitlement and invading her intimate/private space(s) like she's Poland [which doesn't even make syntactical, let alone semantic, sense]
  3. Feminism seeks to treat everyone the way women want to be treated. (Please see footnote #2.)

A Discussion on Radical/Militant

A Discussion on Radical/Militant "Feminists", the only group that it might possibly be acceptable to describe as "feminazis"

Every time I've seen these "arguments" put forth, I wished I had a single article to which I could refer that has a list of links to appropriate literature, but I did not. So this is that article. Please feel free to suggest additional/alternate links. (I am aware that some may not be reliable/credible.) I'm currently going through it, vetting the content and doing my best to onboard it with an open mind free from judgement and criticism.

"Contrary to popular opinion, feminism is not concerned with women hating men or trying to “be like men”. What feminism is interested in is ending sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. [...] The sexism that is to be ended is [not] only female sexism. Gender roles are sexist against both sexes, male and female."
— Nadia Persaud; A Discussion On Patriarchy, Oppression And Feminism (2016)

"I want to show people the behind-the-scenes of women’s lives. I want you to look in the face of the women who you might objectify, discourage, discriminate, or take advantage of. I can’t be more appreciative of the experiences that women tell me every day. I don’t think they do it because they want to piss us off or make us feel guilty. I think they do it because they want to have better relationships with us."
— Anthony Recenello (2020); Why Male Participation Is Needed in Order to Rectify Harassment Against Women; Natascha Wittmann; The Good Men Project

The first two links (of which there are many) are particularly good for dealing with horse shit, IMO.

Patriarchy Hurts Men Too


Here are some useful links not strictly to do with feminism, but useful none the less.


  1. This is not because I believe "women have all the power and we men need our rights back" (I don't), but because I'd like to live in a world where equality is not a race/gender/identity issue. (I know it's far from it.) Also, "liberal" screams "indecisive, fence-sitting, spineless, limp-wristed" to me.
  2. This one is particularly insidious, because it almost mirrors the correct definition, but it poisons the sugar with "the way women want to be treated" by insinuating it's somehow not the same way men want to be treated and therefore violates them.

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