Carbon dioxide emissions by country, 2015 (data from IEA)

I don't Understand Right-Wing Climate Change (and Greenhouse Gas Effect) Deniers

“… and kids the world over are brainwashed by this leftist b.s. (which is why every one of my posts get 2 thumbs down from the two Commie idiots that don’t like me. So be it! May you find Jesus).”
Source: Will Crypto Really Save the World, Or Is History Just Repeating Itself?

I started reading that post because the question/topic at hand is indeed an important one to ask and consider, since we’re moving to crypto from Capitalism (and a lot of the whales are venture capitalists/real estate and Big Tech moguls, the Wall Street 1%). However, it is at the point where I read that BS that I stopped reading. Shame on you, you climate-change/greehouse-gas denying POS. You’re not fit to use Gordon’s name or likeness!

This isn't a new question (I've asked it before), but WTF is with right-wingers in Crypto? One of the core tenets of cryptocurrencies is to be free of oppressive, hierarchical power structures entrenched in Statism (government control and oversight). It always baffles me that there are right-wingers invested in crypto, because it’s contrary to everything for which they/you stand. Crypto is for anarchists! (In crypto-anarchy we trust.) May you find Satanism, Henry David Thoreau, Laura Jane Grace, Lysander Spooner, Max Stirnir, Mikhail Bakunin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and William Godwin!

I don't even get why they/you are against carbon taxes. It's amazing when that money is used as credits (including crypto-backed ones) for programs for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Even more hilarious are the right-wingers that are in love with living off the grid. I'm not sure how many of them are using coal ovens to power their homes - I suspect most would probably be going for solar and turbine solutions - both of which would get credits thanks to a carbon tax.

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IDK what the deal is with that. Maybe they've got massive shares in Exon Mobile, Chevron and/or other oil companies. I understand that those companies are reluctant to change and find solutions since change causes major upheaval to their businesses (not that that's an excuse not to or a justification for delaying the inevitable). However, not every right-winger is a Texan oil baron. (I have a desire that all right-wingers move to Texas and the former confederate states, except Florida, succeed from the union and the USA has a second civil war. This time, though, they ally with Canada, Mexico and countries in the central Americas. Hopefully, that's enough of an army to get rid of the conservative idiots for good. I was hoping that would happen when Trump got booted out of office, but sadly it didn't.)

I think living off the grid (assuming one can do it sustainably) is a worthwhile goal (especially in a country like mine where the grid is overburdened and in serious need of upgrading). But then turning around and being against sustainable/green solutions for electricity and transport smacks of ridiculous cognitive dissonance.

It's actually one of my goals to own a smallholding with some livestock and live more greenly/environmentally friendly. However, it's a hard and expensive life to set up and maintain and I don't have the capital to do so. It doesn't seem likely that I ever will, either. maybe one day I'll build a number of Web 3.0 antisocial media sites that attract angel investors and make me rich, but that day is a long way off, if I ever get there.

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