The Lovers II (1928), by Rene Magritte

Here's what I Think is Wrong with Non-Paywalled For-Pay Blogging Sites in General (not Just Medium and Publish0x)

This is my opinion, based on what I've observed and how I interpret it.

If you write something that receives any number of views where the reader reads the entire post to the end, then it has achieved its intended purpose/goal. That goal is that of conveying some information or a viewpoint of the author to an audience. So far, so good, right? However, there seem to be a few assumptions (mainly on the part of the platform) baked into this:

  • If people read something in its entirety, their interest was piqued and engaged.
  • If they were interested, they probably liked it.
  • If people liked it, they'll click the "thumbs up" (or equivalent/appropriate) button (at minimum) and/or leave a comment to encourage the author. If they disliked it, they'll do the opposite (thumbs down and a comment to criticise/discourage the author).
  • If people liked something, they'll probably leave a tip (assuming their timeout meter hasn't just refreshed/renewed or will soon run out).

However, this has not been my experience of how people interact with/react to my posts, based on the ratio of views to likes (and dislikes) and comments to tips. To this end/effect, I have a humble request.

Please, if you like (or dislike, for that matter) my writings here or on my other blogs across the Web, please leave not only a thumbs up or down (and/or a tip if you're so inclined and able), but also a comment as to why you did so. (What about my writing[s] did/do you like or dislike?) That way, I get to learn a few things:

  • which accounts are held by hateful, negative people and trolls whose lives are so small and empty that they feel the need to post aggressive, hostile, insulting or otherwise negative drivel in response to what they read. (This lets me know who is not worth the effort of engaging and whom to block.)
  • who my audience is and what about my writing it is they/you like and dislike
  • most importantly to me, why you follow me and like or dislike my musings and the opinions and/or bits of information I share.

Fifty five individuals follow me, at last count, so I'm clearly doing something right when I write. However, I haven't got a cooking clue what that is when it comes to the more personal/non-crypto content I post. That's not because I doubt the quality or content of my writing (which is clearly awesome, if the compliments I have received are anything to go by).

If I get no constructive criticism or feedback from people whom I'm hoping are prepared to give as good as they get (in terms of literary content, anyway), I'm not going to be able to improve my writing nor effectively cater to my audience if I'm missing the mark. I'll be missing both the opportunity for growth as a writer and to earn crypto for my literary efforts (which is the whole point of me posting my musings here instead of on a "free"/non-paying site like Tumblr that doesn't benefit me with rewards for my time and words). So please, if you reach the end of one of my posts and have an opinion about it, please linger a moment longer to share it with me (even if it's negative or critical and/or you don't click any button other than "comment", but especially if you do). I don't think that's too much to ask, because I honestly want to know. Of course, I can't guarantee that I don't think you're a douche canoe or titanic shitgibbon in need of a strongly-worded bollocking and a good blocking if you write some otherwise nonsense in a comment worth deleting, but that's a risk I'm hoping you're willing to take. (You're here for the crypto, right? That's risky business, so what's one more risk?)

Fucking communicate with me please, yeah? Now, before you fuck off and enjoy the rest of your day/night, I'd like you to click a button (even if that button is labelled "comment"). Thank you.

Post thumbnail image: The Lovers II (1928), by Rene Magritte

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Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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