Christianity: A religion for cishet white trash

Christianity: A Religion Reserved for Cishet White Trash Only (The Same Old Story, Told Again)

I could open this by recounting my encounter(s) with a particularly annoying religious zealot whom wouldn't leave me alone and respect my right to freedom from religion, despite me telling him multiple times (and in multiple ways) to go forth and multiply somewhere else. I could vent my frustration over the fact that the chat group I'm in doesn't allow me to block the accounts of other users. However, the moderators muted the hypercritical holier-than-thou sanctimonious gold-plated titanic shitgibbon after he went off on one bigoted rant too many. It's not like he (it's almost always a "he") hadn't been given a few warnings not to blast us with his unwanted opinions, so there's that. I could recount these things, but I'm not going to because, honestly, I'm tired of the same old shit and I can no longer be bothered with these mouth-breathing low-slung mono-browed religious cretins. They aren't worth the oxygen or time they've stolen, nor the effort it takes me to type this or anything else I wish to direct at them. Instead, I leave you with a picture and the hope that it conveys the thousand words I haven't typed here.

Christianity: for cishet white trash only Christianity 101: What the pulpit should look like, IMO. It's incredibly unfortunate (at minimum) that the Romans didn't exterminate you all when they had the chance and the Nazis went after the wrong group(s), considering how much you complain about being the so-called "victims of religious persecution".

Yes, I'm aware that not all those whom claim to be Christians are cishet white folks. I'm sorry that I've got news for you: You bought into a bigoted power structure that underpins Capitalism, Globalisation, Patriarchy, wage slavery and a whole lot of other horrific and pernicious nastiness (such as progroms, for example). Right-Wing Uncle Sam and Aunt Karen very clearly don't want you if you're not a cisgendered heterosexual white person in a middle income or higher bracket (even if you sing the right songs and perform the right rituals; "if you ain't whiter)!

Part of my backup process involved sorting through my music collection. I forgot just how many NIN albums I had on my HD.

In Other News

I finally got round to removing the Windows 10 virus from my machine. I tried Manjaro, but wasn't at all impressed. It seems highly unstable to me and AUR is basically references to GitHub repos, most of the content of which fails to build anyway (and gets to that point very slowly). I've gone back to Debian (12 this time, although almost all the packages seem to require electron, Node or go). Debian 10 can't either find my laptop's WiFi hardware or configure it properly, but at least it's a devil I know, old as it is.

I've still got to install a lot of software (including vim of all things) and get my system all set up the way I like it, but at last I have the freedom to install the software I want, configure and use the computer I purchased the way that I want to, free from the dictates of Microsoft. I still have to do all the things that are in/on the list from my last post (including find a job, which requires copying across my passwords DB and probably most of what I backed up), but I think I'm finally getting somewhere at long last. It only took four years or so to get to this point, but who's counting?

On that note, I'm off. I've got shit to do. Ranting at length about Abrahamists isn't on that list (unless I'm writing a book and hopefully selling it, but that's not my number one priority). As of Monday (two days from when I write this), I will no longer be able to do anything with whatever I've earned in crypto while I remain in the country of my birth. I best get cracking on the fiat farming so that I can leave for somewhere more crypto-friendly.

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Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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