Where to buy Bitcoin online? The Best Places
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Where to buy Bitcoin online? The Best Places

By Foxhunter | hunter24 | 26 Feb 2020

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies, but you have no idea where to buy them? In this article, I am going to show you where to easily buy Bitcoin from- this first, main and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In the same places, you can also buy other cryptocurrencies. At the moment, there are few thousands of them. Still, you should remember that not all of them will last as long as Bitcoin. And not all of them will give you profits. If you are only beginning to get to know the cryptocurrency world, it will be the easiest for you to start from buying 'the king' of cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin.

Important: you don't have to buy the whole Bitcoin.

You can purchase parts of it. Same as Dollar (USD) can be split into bits, in form of cents, and you can have half of a Dollar, quarter of a Dollar or 10 cents, the same way Bitcoin divides into small parts, called Satoshi. So you can purchase half of a Bitcoin, quarter, or any smaller amount of your choice.

Where to buy Bitcoin online? The Best Places


Coinbase.com - the biggest and most respected platform to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

Binance.com - one of the biggest Cryptocurrencies Exchange and the most popular trading platform. Here you can buy Bitcoin using Credit Card. It’s simple and fast.

Changelly.com - not so much popular, but also good place to Buy Bitcoin using Credit Card. Fast and secure way to purchase or exchange 140+ cryptocurrencies.

Bitbay.net - rather small Cryptocurrency Exchange, popular in Europe, with option to buy Bitcoin using Credit Card, Dotpay and Bank Transfer. Fast deposits and withdrawals.

You can also buy Bitcoin using cash – if you have in your location Bitcoin ATM’s. Check it out on this Bitcoin ATM’s map: https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/bitcoin-atms/

Of course, apart from the places listed above, you can find, literally, hundreds of websites, markets and platforms, where you can buy BTC or other cryptocurrencies from, but at the start, the above-mentioned will definitely be enough.

You should also remember to not to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies on these markets, because even if they have good reputation, they are never 100% safe. You can use special cryptocurrency wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies. More about them in the different section of this website.

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